As You Wish

So what if some of your so-called friends think you’re getting all high-maka-maka lately. Sure, maybe having a harem of people dedicated to your needs is a bit like being royalty. You’ve got errand runners on retainer, a trainer slimming your silhouette, and even a home organizer on demand. But there’s still more work to be done, and you can’t accomplish everything yourself, can you?

Good thing Valerie Joseph has reintroduced their one-hour personal style event “At Your Service,” so you can get your fashion life in order and one more thing crossed off your list.

Only at the Ward location, when you book an appointment with a VJ fashion consultant during their monthly event or at your own convenience, you’ll receive special assistance piecing together outfits that reflect your look and attitude, matching colors and applying makeup to eyes, cheeks, lips.

When you arrive, pre-pulled outfits await in your reserved fitting room, and while you select the right ensemble you sip complimentary champagne and soak up dedicated advice. After half an hour, the personalized fashion attention shifts to expert makeup advice based on your new wardrobe addition, and when purchased, a free gift is your final reward.

 Kind of like being a queen – but just for a day.

Available at Valerie Joseph at Ward Entertainment Center , 808.593.7388. Call to book an advance appointment any time, or at the next monthly event April 5. More info at