April 2015: Table of Contents


On the Cover: “Grading the Public Schools”
illustration: Boyoun Kim

Homeless in Honolulu

The Aloha State now has the highest number of homeless per capita in the nation. What are we doing to help the individuals and families living on the streets?

by mary vorsino


Close to Home

Photographer Diana Kim documented the difficult experience of reconnecting with her homeless father.

by diana kim


Grading the Public Schools

For the second year, the state Department of Education has released data that ranks Hawai‘i’s public schools from best to worst. How does your school measure up?


Making the Grade

The state rolled out its teacher evaluation system last year, much to the consternation of some educators. This year, there’s a new and improved version but questions remain about what role evaluations play in better schools for Hawai‘i. Plus, wisdom from some of Hawai‘i’s best teachers.

by loren moreno and mary vorsino



IONA Dancers

This year, IONA celebrates its 25th anniversary.

By HONOLULU Magazine Staff


April Picks

Do something new this month: Don a kilt, run through Kailua or learn a new recipe from local chefs.

By Katrina Valcourt


The New Hukilau Mart  

A new Lā‘ie marketplace strives for a nolstalgic feel.

By Natalie Schack


Da Meter

Gauging what’s hot and what’s not in Honolulu.

By HONOLULU Magazine Staff


The Wai‘anae Hall of Fame

If you can make it here, they will remember you—at the new Wai‘anae Coast Hall of Fame.

By Don wallace


Quote Unquote: Teri Orton

After working for 17 years as an executive in the hospitality industry, Teri Orton was named general manager of the Hawai‘i Convention Center in late 2013. She oversees about 80 employees and 1.1 million square feet of convention space.

Interview by David Thompson


Field Notes: Taiko Drumming

Field Notes explores Honolulu’s vast and varied scenes and subcultures. This month: taiko drumming.

By Catherine Toth Fox



A roundup of new boutiques, and ones that that have moved to new locations.

by stacey makiya, natalie schack and brie thalmann


‘Ono: Food and Dining

Kaimukī is home to an amazing number of sweet-treat purveyors. We take a tour.

by catherine toth fox



Editor’s Page: It’s Complicated

Education, homelessness and sweet things.

by robbie dingeman


Afterthoughts: The Giving Spirit

Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

by michael keany


From Our Files

HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific—chronicling the Islands since 1888.

by katrina valcourt



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