App-solutely Fabulous

You’ve been there before:

Feeling that 3 p.m. lull at the office and need a caffeine pick-me-up?
Order a frap for that.

Getting a chill from the cool evening breeze?
Wear a wrap for that.

And for staying on top of your crazy-busy life, there are tons of cool apps for that. We asked a few of Honolulu’s best multi-taskers to tell us their favorites.

Lei ChicWho: Ara Laylo, lead singer of avant-garde new age band, Clones of the Queen, playing at this month’s Art After Dark
App: Ghost Radar
Why: If there’s a ghost in the room, for 99 cents this app will let you know. It apparently uses sensors to detect electromagnetic fields, vibrations and sounds that could be paranormal activity.

Lei Chic
Who: Matt Bruening, local fashion designer
App: Mobile
Why: This free app lets me watch fashion shows, read trend reports, and gather inspiration for my own designs.

Lei ChicWho: Lora Nakai, owner of Heaven on Earth Spa
App: Siri Virtual Personal Assistant
Why: With a business and a family, an on-hand assistant makes life so much easier. This app takes any address and gives me a complete list of nearby businesses, like a post office or a specific restaurant. If I want to get Chinese food for dinner, it tells me just where to find it.

Lei Chic
Who: Brandon Reid, owner of Chinatown hotspot Manifest Hawaii
App: Shazam
Why: When I’m at the club and hear a jam that I like, I just hold up my phone and this app finds the name of the song for me. It’s free and keeps me on top of what’s hot in music.

Lei Chic
Who: “Miss Chanel” Moke Puha, on-air talent at 93.1 The Zone
App: My 24
Why: All you do is type in what 24 Hour Fitness location you want, and the entire class schedule from Pilates to cycling classes pops up for that day and the next.