Answering the Wine-1-1

Lei ChicWhen it comes to life, you’re looking through ros'e-colored glasses.

Thanks to a cabinet full of the chard stuff your glass has been half-full for years. But then a night in with the girls unexpectedly wiped out your whites, ran through your reds, and even left your dessert blends at a new merlot.

Tankfully, you’ve prepared for the emergency with a little brew-it-yourself.

Homebrew in Paradise offers you everything you need to create bottles of everything from Napa Valley merlots to Italian Barolos. With the store’s own winemaking equipment kit and international award-winning blends from Winexpert, you’re months away from your own custom blend.

The well-explained steps mainly consist of sanitizing tubing, bottles, and filters, then stirring, siphoning, and testing the density of your batch about once a week for one to two months. Then, it’s on to bottling and your biggest challenge – being patient as it sits and ages for about six months.

The cost of making about 30 bottles starts at about $250. Until August, you can order limited-edition Chocolate Raspberry Port, Blackberry Port, and Peach Icewine kits so your back-up bottles can actually be a special tasting experience.

It’s proof that every cloud has a silver wining.

Homebrew in Paradise is open at 2646B Kilihau St. Tues.- Fri., noon-5 p.m. and Sat. 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Call 808.834.BREW (2739) for more information or check Homebrew in Paradise’s website.
You can learn more about the wine-making process on Winexpert’s site.