Aminopure's health and beauty supplements

Sponsored Edition: Boosting with Pride


It could be the Kona winds. Those extra cosmos during happy hour. That time of the month. Whatever the case may be, you're not feeling super hot right now.

If only someone somewhere could whip up a magic potion that would make you look and feel like a million bucks. Oh, wait. Turns out, someone already has…

Introducing Aminopure, a colorless, pharmaceutical-grade powder designed to supercharge your immune system, digestive health, and (yea!) even your complexion. It's almost as if you had a little genie granting your body's wishes. Poof! Viruses are vanquished. Poof! Skin is plump. Poof! Age spots are faded. Poof! Pipes are… totally unclogged (stop pretending you aren't relieved).

Don't worry, this isn't a fairy tale. Actual customers have reported noticeable improvements thanks to Aminopure's sole ingredient: L-glutamine, an essential amino acid proven to even skin tone, boost collagen production, and neutralize harmful toxins – basically, the scientific equivalent of a total Cinderella makeover. It can even help your muscles recover after intense workouts (take that P90X).

Simply stir a small scoop – choose from Health, Beauty, or Sport – into any cold drink or soft food twice a day, and chug away. You might detect a slight tea or floral flavor in the water, though the taste disappears if you opt for juice or yogurt. Then, get ready to start feeling, and looking, your absolute best.

Because this stuff works like a charm.

Aminopure is available at Homeo Health Care in Shirokiya, Nijiya Market, Blue Hawaii Lifestyle, and Marukai. For more information, visit