‘Alohi Kai’s ‘Ahi-Inspired Jewelry Collection

We’re fins over tails for these chic earrings and necklaces.


K, we’re caught. And, since we don’t want to string you along, we’ll toss you a line and give you the dish. We’re kicking our poke bowl habit to the curb and reeling in something that’s even more on-trend. Hard to believe, we know.


Alohi Kai Jewelry
Photos: Courtesy of ‘Alohi Kai


And, what’s better, no creatures are harmed bringing this treat to your table—vanity table, that is. We’re talking about ‘Alohi Kai designer Sheri Mercer’s new collection, which is quite the catch. Mercer’s talent for crafting meticulously detailed wearable sculptures, combined with her practiced scuba-diver’s eye for spotting the marine world’s most elegant accessorizing possibilities, hooked us early last year. This year, she’s testing new waters with a capsule collection inspired by the world-famous, much-sought-after ‘ahi from the deep. With all this national poke hype, we’re thinking her timing couldn’t be better.


Alohi Kai Jewelry


Mercer wanted her pieces to have just enough of a hard edge to reflect the fierceness of the ‘ahi—lithe, powerful and proud-looking creatures with a strength that puts them at the top of the pyramid in the world of big-game tuna. Of course, Mercer worked her magic to translate that vision into refined, sleek and wearable pieces sporting the ‘ahi’s signature teeny fins. The sweeping arcs of petite triangles come in draping earrings, pendants and even a lariat, with blue-topaz, blue-sapphire or champagne-diamond accent options adding a little glitz to these subtle and understated styles.


The collection debuts this Friday, so check out the new ‘Alohi Kai website for details on the release.


Take the bait yet? We knew you would.


$85–$195, alohikai.com