All The Write Moves

Your sister's method of showing appreciation is texting Thank U 4 dinner. It was GR8. Luv U!

Your boyfriend opts for flirty Facebook posts instead of romantic love letters.

And that birthday e-card of the dancing monkey your mom sent was hilarious. But you kinda miss the old fashioned paper card with a $20 bill and a hand-written "I'm proud of you" note.

The point is, paperless thoughts somehow count only half as much.

So give your digitally-addicted friends a hint, and send them a card or invitation from Bradley & Lily fine stationery.

The luxurious, letterpress-printed stationery and hand-lined envelopes are created by local designer Stacey Nomura, who starts with 100 percent cotton paper, then uses a 3,500-pound, antique Heidelberg Windmill press to stamp out her original designs.

Her invitations and stationery elevate traditional Hawaiian motifs into sleek, modern graphics with artsy twists on natural elements, such as the noble laua'e fern and ti leaves, or the stunning cymbidium orchid. She'll also do custom designs for anything from baby announcements to business cards.

And for those just because occasions, pick up a boxed set of Nomura's newest note cards and envelopes in "Aloha" or "Mahalo" prints.

All your messages will be truly noteworthy now.

Bradley & Lily boxed notecards are available at SoHa Living at Kahala Mall. For more info on invitations and custom designs, call 888.237.4240 or visit