All-Natural Kāhala Organics Products

This new line is locally made and gentle.


Our favorite thing about the new year? Everyone gets a fresh slate. But if you don’t make a clean break from last year’s beauty routine, you’ll be stuck with the same old dirty secrets: harsh parabens, dyes, alcohol and fragrances.

Order up a spic and span bill of health with Kāhala Organics, the locally produced, organic, all-natural line of beauty products released last year by Green Spa Hawai‘i. Now that Akakura House carries it, along with Malulani Hawai‘i in Waikīkī, Sugarcane Shop in Kaimukī and Red Pineapple in Ward Village Shops, you don’t have any excuse for not cleaning up your act and incorporating it into your routine.

Creator Chieko Egged worked in the beauty industry for decades, handling products with chemicals that ended up having harmful, irreversible effects on her skin. After more than her fair share of health problems and a skin condition that wouldn’t quit, she decided to scrub the synthetics out and go au naturel with her Kāhala Organics line.

This immaculate manifestation of hygiene includes the Mana Cleanser, which contains natural sugar cane extract and helps prevent clogged pores; hydrating Mana Mist made with floral water and aloe vera; and Mana Cream, an ultra-moisturizing lotion that regenerates and strengthens skin. The line draws from traditional Hawaiian herbal remedies and Ayurvedic Hindu medicine, creating a holistic way to freshen up without having to use any harmful chemicals—or other dirty words.

Talk about a clean conscience.

$48–$118. All products available online at Health-promoting fruit tea available at Akakura House, 280 Beachwalk Ave.