Ain't What it Used to Be
Remember the good old days? Your arms didn’t resemble batwings, Nice ‘n Easy was not your style, and every time you broke up with a guy you didn’t hear a clock ticking in your head.

Cloth owner Micah Iaukea built her entire boutique around the good old days, scavenging vintage wares for home and closet that kept the vibes from the old days alive. But the past is prologue, as they say, and after the boutique’s successful first year, Iaukea has decided to take Cloth from a boutique to clothing line that’s sold out of a more intimate showroom space.

The line features vintage pieces, de- and re-constructed so they translate for the modern girl. And it’s stocked only at the Coral Loft design studio and showroom, home to other local fashion and design minds .

Featuring women’s and men’s wear, the new Cloth collection ranges from offbeat casual to evening-ready dresses in luxe fabrics. You love the satiny gold embroidered dress with its flouncy underskirt. Your guy will love the 70’s and 80’s vintage patches sewn onto worn men’s denim jackets. Each piece is completely unique, and alterations are gratis so everything you buy will fit your style and your bod perfectly.

And by debuting a new line every month on Slow Art Friday, Cloth has re-envisioned the clothing launch concept. These swank limited editions will only be available for one month … until the next monthly installment is turned out.

Because if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Cloth’s first line premieres tonight at Slow Art Friday, at the new location, 1033a Smith Street, Chinatown. Styles available for purchase on their new website, launching tonight.