Ain’t No Party Like a Mad Bene (Holiday) Party

(Sponsored) When you mix stylish company, top-tier East Coast Italian and a swanky new dining space, it’s a celebration to remember.


Mad Bene Lead Image



Opened in late 2019, Mad Bene has been giving foodies from all over the island a reason to drive into Kapolei. The stylish space crafts authentic East Coast-style Italian dishes that taste just like any you’d get in a popular New York eatery. The secret lies in the restaurant’s near-zealous dedication to finding and using the best, most authentic ingredients to create those special flavors you can’t find anywhere else on the island. Here’s a look at why Mad Bene should be top of your list for places to host your holiday party—or even just for a casual celebration with friends.



The Menu

Mad Bene Nyc Pepperoni Pizza



Your average pepperoni pizza, this ain’t. What really makes Mad Bene’s N.Y.C. Pizza special is the Ezzo pepperoni—the pep of choice for the greatest pizzerias across the U.S.—which is flown in from Columbus, OH. When baked, each slice curls into a tiny cup shape and create crisp edges for a satisfying bite.


A seemingly simple dish of pasta with tomato sauce, the spaghetti pomodoro uses two types of tomatoes: Fresh local cherry tomatoes from Ho Farms add a pop of fresh, tart flavor, while ’strattu (a thick Sicilian-style tomato paste) balances with deep umami richness. Garnish with basil and a generous grating of the king of cheeses—Parmigiano-Reggiano—and you’ve got a perfect pasta.


Mad Bene Kona Kampachi



The Kona kampachi begins with a beautiful fish from Kona, deboned, pan-roasted in brown butter and finished with an assortment of caper buds, berries and leaves from Pantelleria, an island in Italy. Then, it’s topped off with more brown butter, parsley and a touch of lemon. This is a guest favorite and an indulgent experience that highlights Hawai‘i’s beautiful fish.


Mad Bene Cocktail Kings Wings



Inspired by the classic Tiki cocktail The Jungle Bird, the tropi-cool King’s Wings features Kō Hana Kea Agricole Rum, Aperol, lime, pineapple juice and a hint of li hing mui—plus a stylish pineapple glass to sip it all from.



Private Dining Room

Mad Bene Art Elsa Senner



New on the menu: Mad Bene’s cool new private dining room, which seats up to 36 (for those with bigger parties, the patio can be booked as a semi-private space and can accommodate up to 60) and features contemporary N.Y.C.-inspired artworks by Elsa Senner, Matt Tapia and Mark Visaya. To book the private dining room or patio for your next party, visit and click on “Events” to submit details for your event.



Gift Card Holiday Promotion

Treat your friends and family to some Mad Bene love and you’ll get some love back. Now through Dec. 31, Mad Bene is offering a “Buy More, Get More” gift card promo, valid for in-restaurant gift card purchases.

  • Buy $100 in gift cards, receive $10 gift card
  • Buy $150 in gift cards, receive $20 gift card
  • Buy $200 in gift cards, receive $40 gift card
  • Buy $250 in gift cards, receive $75 gift card


For more information or to make reservations, visit