A Sneak Peek at New Dyed Tees from Salvage Public

These upcoming tees hand-dyed with Hawaiian indigo are a real dive win.

Submerge! Submerge!

Excellent work, aquanauts, we're well on our way to the ocean floor now. Just a few more leagues under the sea in our trusty submarine suits.

Oh, you noticed we upgraded ensembles to something a bit more stylish, did you? For this trip through the trenches, we decided to skip the out-of-date brass helmets and opt for the too-cool new line of deep-blue men's tees from Salvage Public instead. Dubbed the Soak Series, this season's capsule of hand-dyed basics gets its intense aquatic hues from Hawaiian indigo. Each 100-percent cotton tee is soaked for varying amounts of time, creating a range of styles for a sea-worthy look that's bound to make waves.

Scoop up classic surf-inspired Salvage Public designs such as the "Surf HNL" tee or stylized double-wave logo, now with the indigo twist. You'll go nautical for the deep cobalt color on the "And the Rest is Salt and Sea Foam" tee and the half-dipped "Chest High Waves" and "Small Barrel Head Dips" tees, with contrasting blue and white shades.

Even better, the shirts are totally local and aina-inspired: Hawaii-designed and Hawaii-made with all-natural, Hawaii-grown plants.

It's going to take fall's fashion to whole new fathoms.

Available next month at salvagepublic.com and retailers such as Rebecca Beach, Royal Hawaiian Hotel, 931-7722, and Oliver Men's Shop, 49 Kihapai St., Kailua, 261-6587.