A roundup of Lei Chic's local Etsy picks

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That family-run Yakiniku place in some back alley? Had it.
The up-and-coming hipster joint? Been there.
This new Korean-Swedish fusion cafe? Yup, and you wrote the first Yelp review for it. (Spoiler: haaaated it.)

If there’s one thing you love, it’s getting the inside scoop on the next big thing before anyone else. The same goes for shopping—you want your unique accessories to be served “rare.” Refresh your palate with this sampling of under-the-radar Etsy shops whose Honolulu-based designers are serving up some tasty jewelry picks. If you see something you like, jump on it—most of these are the only ones left.

And—er—try not to drool.

1. Gold and agate pendant 
A slice of an agate cutout edged in gold with deep reds and blacks adds some drama to your ensemble.
LoveMizzHawaii, $40, only one available

2. Surf love necklace
Advertise your love for the waves with this too-cute surfboard fin necklace with heart cutout.
Cabin No.7, $72, only one available

3. Siam fairy-wing earrings
These sweetly delicate silver wings are topped with mint or ruby-red beads and make fantastical accessories for your ears.
Maimoda Jewelry, $28, only one available

4. Hammered sterling silver and aquamarine earrings
This pair of earrings includes aquamarine beads and slightly oxidized silver for a rustic, industrial, ultra modern look.
debbyhawaii, $42, only one available

5. Asymmetrical beaded necklace
Get elegant with this eye-catching necklace with a trio of silver chains and a serpentine string of colorful beads.
Bijoux Designs Studio, $44