A preview of H&M's new Waikiki store

On Your Mark, Get Set...

Google Street view, GPS, Siri. Good for searching for addresses. Bad for shopping. When something as big as H&M opens up, you know it only takes a wrong left turn to lose out on the best buys in your size.

Lei Chic got into Hawaii's first H&M early. Here's our guide to navigating your way through Thursday's grand opening. Sorry, when it comes to dealing with the stampede, you're on your own.

First Floor – Women.

You Want: To look like you just stepped out of the pages of Elle.

Head Straight  to "The Look." This section is curated by Elle editor Amber Venz, and includes a mix of ruffled, red, and graphic black-and-white striped pieces (three of what their experts have deemed spring’s must-have trends).


You Want: The most in-the-moment looks.

Head Left to "Trend." Our inside (aka H&M worker) source says make a beeline here. Not every H&M has one—only bigger city locations—and it’s chock-full of fashion-forward garments, albeit at a slightly more elevated price point than the rest of the store (the max is still just $129). Think maxi skirts, artsy prints and bejeweled sweaters.

You Want: A cheap, chic bikini.

Head Straight and to the Right to "Swim." Amid mix-and-match sets and cover-ups, we spied a cute rose-print bandeau, normally $14.95, on sale for the opening for just $4. Across from that, a selection of chic office wear, and the Young Trend section (ripped-hem shorts, kitten-printed tees and cut-out dresses).


You Want: Accessories, accessories, accessories.

Head Back and to the Right to "Accessories". Past the "&Denim" and urban-influenced "Divided Red" sections, the relatively small but packed area is stuffed with jewelry, scarves, belts, sunglasses, totes and shoes. There are even beauty products, so you can powder away that unflattering wrestling-match-over-stiletto shine.

Second Floor – Men.

You Want: A token for him.

Head Upstairs to "Men's." The most popular section, "Divided Gray," is in the middle, filled with punky unisex styles you might want for yourself. Also on the second floor you'll find basics and dress shirts, suits and street wear plus an entire area devoted to denim. David Beckham Bodywear and accessories are near the registers.

H&M By the Numbers:

35 fitting rooms

  • 19 for women downstairs
  • 16 for men upstairs

14 cash registers

  • 8 against the back wall downstairs
  • 6 more upstairs

H&M will open at the Waikiki Business Plaza, 2270 Kalakaua Ave. at the corner of Seaside and Kalakaua avenues, on Thursday at noon. Regular store hours will be Sunday through Saturday, 10 a.m.–11 p.m. To see almost 100 more photos of the store and our finds, visit Lei Chic on Facebook.