A Plate Escape

Lei ChicAn office happy hour sounded like a good idea until people started dishing out demands.

One guy doesn’t do raw fish. Your boss is “gluten free.” And that girl you spotted scarfing down a plate of charcuterie at SALT Kitchen last week STILL insists she’s a vegetarian.

You tried so hard to plate-cate everyone that you really need a drink.

Fortunately a favorite lunch spot is now ready to serve every nit-picky eater.

Lei Chic Shirokiya opened its new Yataimura just minutes ago. Diners can order about 160 made-to-order small dishes from 21 booths offering everything from soba to soft tofu dessert.

That sashimi-scorner won’t get a raw deal with slightly charred, grilled abalone. Your boss can pass up pasta for beefy slices of seared tataki, brightened by daikon and citrus. The “vegetarian” can pile on fresh tofu and crisp lotus root tempura while surreptitiously snacking on beef-stuffed shitake mushrooms.

You can wash away any residual annoyance with wine, sake, or hard-to-find brands of Japanese beer thanks to the first liquor license ever for Shirokiya.

Lei Chic Each person gets their own ticket and tips are not accepted, meaning you won’t have to brush up on long division to settle the bill.

If that still doesn't please every one, at least you can grin and beer it. 

Now that's how to start with a clean plate.

The Yataimura is open 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily on the second floor of Shirokiya, Ala Moana Center. Call 808.973.9111 for more information.