A New, Artisan-Goods-Driven Shop in Kailua

Handcrafted creations give this new shop a unique feel.


We are serious patrons of the artisanal. Coffee? Yes. Cheese? Oh, absolutely. Pastries?OMG …

Definitely pastries.

Lip-smacking aside, we’re not the only ones who know there’s a reason to celebrate high-quality goods. In fact, the handmade-minded maids behind the new Aloha Superette in Kailua are basing the shop around a tight collection of highly curated pieces that all have a special “story” and are mini works of art in themselves. Each piece was made with care by a real, live person—not some faceless machine—and is sourced from all over the world.

Charming candles and soaps from Maine-based Wary Meyers and earthy jewelry creations by Oregon designers sit next to rustic ceramic bells and handmade surfboards. You’ll find colorful woven bags, fantastical mobiles by New York artist Dana Haim and eye-catching pouches and clothing from the shop’s owner, local designer Jennifer Binney, of Samudra fame. Binney wanted to emulate the unexpected feel of an old-school superette’s eclectic collection of hardware, clothing and knick-knacks with a stylish, modern twist. The result is a gallery-like space that has the potential to moonlight as an art, music or book-signing venue in the future.

The maker fair just went modern.

Aloha Superette, 438 Uluniu St., Kailua. Visit the Aloha Superette Instagram for more information.