A mystical clothing line inspired by folklore of the planets

New Moon

We’ve all done it—tried to contact the other side through a Ouija board, gazed into a crystal ball searching for the future, asked the magic 8-ball for advice, read horoscopes. When you were a kid, there was just something absolutely fascinating about the spiritual world.

Now that you’re all grown up, forget the toys and direct that fascination toward Moon Collective, a clothing line inspired primarily by folklore of the Earth and moon. Most of Moon Collective’s icons and graphic elements are derived from mystical tales, but don’t worry if the fairy-tale fantasy stuff is too much for you—founder and designer Ben King says some designs are quite literal. He and his crew grew up skateboarding and listening to punk and rap, so they’ll occasionally create odes to some of their old loves—which are probably some of your old loves, too.

King’s newest releases, which seem to be a happy medium, include the M wool hat—which was created in collaboration with a great American baseball cap manufacturer—and the You Are Not Alone shirt. The YANA tee was inspired by an oil painting King saw while in the waiting room of an acupuncture clinic. We’re calling it the “Eastern medicine meets Western design” T-shirt.

If you’re ready to explore your spiritual side, keep an eye out for Moon Collective’s spring/summer line, out soon. King will also be at the next few Art+Flea events, held the fourth Thursday of the month.


Moon Collective’s soft goods range from $25 for a T-shirt to $45 for a crew-neck sweater. Purchase items at moon-collective.com and follow @mooncollective on Instagram.