A-Muse Yourself

Lei Chic You’re headed to Kailua for a little sweet escape — brunch at one of your favorite little local eateries. But just as you hit the spot that you had planned to hit your spot, you realize you’ve made a serious epicurean miscalculation.

Standing between you and stacks of fluffy pancakes smothered in sweet, gooey goodness, are five busses worth of tourists shipped in from Waikiki. Translation — an agonizing hour-and-a-half long wait.
Instead of sitting and stewing (and plotting tourist take-out strategies), take a stroll down the street and keep yourself amused at Muse Room. The new boutique is stocked full of delicacies to distract you from your growing stomach rumblings.

Tucked out of the way of Kailua traffic, the store was designed by owner Emi Paine to feel as intimate as a bedroom. Filled with soft, muted colors, the shop reflects the look and feel of Paine’s own Muse line of clothing. Styles from her current collection include tiny pairs of ivory crocheted shorts and white shifts with floaty outer layers.

You’ll be charmed by tiny woodland figurines, piles of shabby-chic quilted bedspreads, and fragrant soy candles. The store also carries an array of ultra-feminine attire, including sundresses from Indah, silky camisoles and woven slippers.

Magnetic letters wrapped in printed fabrics offer up bursts of color, and happy-go-lucky knitted rabbits and mermaids pop out of decorative canisters. By the register, an old-fashioned telephone with a rotary dial fits in so well you half expect it to ring.

It's just the place to wait out the line.
And still come out sunny-side-up.

Muse Room, 332 Uluniu Street, Kailua, 808.261.0202.