A Michael Jackson Tribute

This Wednesday, local musicians, singers and dancers come together for this concert tribute to Michael Jackson.

If you were lucky enough to catch Michael Jackson perform in concert, then you would know immediately why he was called the King of Pop. “His level of artistry and excellence in his singing, dancing, and performing are what I aspire to,” remarks musician, DeShannon Higa. “Even after his death, he continues to influence me, maybe even more so now that he’s gone.”

In honor of Michael Jackson, Higa has gathered some of Hawaii’s top musicians, singers and dancers to perform Michael Jackson’s music at Gordon Biersch this Wednesday night. “I thought it was fitting that I pay tribute to one of my biggest musical influences by gathering other local musicians, singers, and dancers who feel similarly,” he continues.

The concert will feature a six-piece band with 12 singers and dancers. The line-up will include Rocky Brown singing "Rock With You," Anita Hall singing "Workin’ Day and Night," eight0eight singing "Wanna Be Starting Something" and everyone closing with "Heal the World."

Other entertainers: Santino, Paisley, John Valentine, Willow Chang, Timothy Taylo, Starr Kalahiki, Intrepid, Jon Hawes, Michael Grande, Konrad Kendrick, Reggie Padilla, Robert Shinoda, DeShannon Higa.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009
Gordon Biersch, Aloha Tower
6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Free, donations accepted.