A Little Wright Reading

Lei Chic News? You get it in 140 characters or less on twitter. Friends? You barely have time to “like” them on facebook. Forget newspapers and letters, the only written messages you can deal with, good or Carrie Bradshaw-bad, fit on post-its.

So the idea of skimming more than the back cover of the newest bestseller just isn’t your speed.

Lucky for you, one Honolulu-born author’s intriguing stories won’t require a change of pace.

Kirby Wright is best known for Punahou Blues, a coming-of-age novel set in his alma mater in the turbulent 60s and 70s. But the author also captured old Hawaii in a series of short e-book memoirs.

In just 20 pages, Wright transports you to the glory of a downtown Honolulu hotel and its enticing bakery as seen through a young boy’s eyes in Pakalaki Memories. Relive the awkwardness of a teenager’s first date set against malasadas and the Tilt-a-Whirl in the 11-page Punahou Carnival, or spend 17 pages with three young men experiencing the seedy humanity of prostitution with the raw language of Hotel Street Blues.

Wright offers 44 easy-to-read short stories that can be downloaded to your phone, computer, Kindle or Nook for just 99 cents each.

Meaning you won’t have to go for broke every time you want a good book.

Kirby Wright’s e-books are priced between 99 cents and $2.99 on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com.