A Little Italy

Lei ChicYou sit relaxed, outside a quaint little villa with the warm sun on your back, dipping your croissant into a rich cappuccino. You take a moment to indulge in the provincial ambiance around you. Ahh…it’s a picturesque dream.

Beep! Beep! Beep! The sound of your blaring alarm clock snaps you back to reality. It really was a dream — your passport never got stamped, and to make matters worse, you’re off to the concrete jungle.

Lucky for you, every day can be a Roman holiday, thanks to Magnolia, the new home goods boutique opening tomorrow. With a Lei Chicmix of one-of-a-kind European antiques and charming, rustic accessories, its diverse array of domestic décor will take you back to the countryside in no time.

Owner, Maggie Parks, stocks the store with seasoned pieces dating back to the 1840s. A pinewood farm table, an antique copper pot, a wooden hutch with glass doors and embellished mirrors are just a few of the worldly treasures Parks has brought back from her many oversea travels.

Decorative planters, gardening kits, colorful glass flowers, and pre-seeded pots of oregano and basil make shopping here a one-way ticket to the hills of Tuscany. The boutique even carries an extensive selection of flavorful olive oils from Spain and Italy, which are available for tasting.

Everything you need for a little home sweet Rome.

Magnolia, Kahala Mall, 4211 Waialae Ave., Honolulu, 808.734.2200. For more info visit www.magnolia-hawaii.com.