A historic Nuuanu home with a waterfall view

I grew up with Nuuanu Stream in my back yard, and it was nice to have the tranquil sound of running water 24 hours a day-especially with a waterfall outside my room. This listing in the Dowsett area is even better, with a pond out front as part of a three-stage waterfall from the stream. (Click here for details.)

Built in 1931, this three-bedroom, two-bathroom, 2,690-square-foot residence was once owned by the Dowsett family for which the area is named. Most of the original elements and design are still present to preserve the ambience of old Hawaii; it's been slightly renovated so it doesn't look … well, old.

There are mahogany floors throughout the whole living area, plus Australian eucalyptus gum tree wood in the kitchen. The kitchen and bathroom, in fact, are the only two parts that look very updated, with new counters and fixtures installed in the last several years.

The real charm of the property, though, is the view of the three natural waterfalls from Nuuanu Stream. The home, shown here, is not a standard rectangular structure; it's tiered so that multiple rooms can capture the view.

There's lots of room to roam on this 11,147-square-foot property; if you need more, the adjoining vacant 14,500-square-foot lot is also available for $850,000. (Click here for details.)

Money talk: $1,500,000 fee simple
Contact: Robert Burns, East Oahu Realty, 808-780-4840, robertburns@hawaii.rr.com