A Hilo of Beans


Don’t mind us. We just can’t seem to stop talking today. That’s what happens when you’ve had a lot of caffeine. Not that coffee’s bad. Nosireee. It’s so good, that’s the problem. We haven’t been this productive in ages, and we can’t stop drinking it. We need the stuff, bad.

Thankfully, custom roaster Hilo Coffee Mill has come to the rescue with a trio of coffee clubs, sending four pounds of fresh roasted beans every other month, January through November.

Opt for the deluxe 100 percent Hawaiian Club, rotating through Puna, Ka‘u, Kaua‘i, Waialua (O‘ahu), and Kona estate coffees, finished with a Ka‘u/Kona blend. Or, if you like a hint of flavor, choose the 100 percent Hawaiian Flavor assembly, including Big Island coconut, Mac nut, pumpkin, vanilla, and a holiday concoction. And if traveling is your bag, make a collection of Costa Rican, Colombian, Hilo, Italian, and Mexican coffees your global destination.

Each allows you to select your own grind, and if somehow these combinations aren’t a perfect fit, simply contact the Mill to design a custom club featuring the exact coffees and roasts you’re hot for.

That way you can get your fix, just the way you like it.

Wow, that might have rendered us speechless.

Sign up online here. Hilo Coffee Mill, between mile marker 12 & 13 at 17-995 Volcano Highway, Mt. View , Big Island . 808.968.1333, www.hilocoffeemill.com