A Glass Act

www.leichic.comAdmirer: Girl, that is one fine piece of glass you got. Wouldn’t I like to take that home where I could look at it every day.

You: Watch those hands! You can’t touch this.  

Forgive them. People can’t help but swoon over the art of Maui glass blower Rick Strini. He sculpts glass into flowing, swirling shapes like a funky jellyfish hanging light, vases shaped like flowers, and table lamps reminiscent of seashells or mushrooms.

You can catch his work on display everywhere from Kapalua’s Ritz-Carlton to San Francisco restaurants, and in private mansions all over the country. But that doesn’t mean you have to unbalance your budget to own one — pieces range from delicate lily vases to the serious custom sculpture.

Any piece you pick is sure to draw compliments.
Turns out, lots of people make passes at girls with glasses.

 See a gallery of Rick Strini glass sculptures and order online at  www.striniartglass.com