A Fine Line

Lei ChicWhen you were little, summer was a magical time.

No homework. Long days at the beach. And there was that one afternoon you were truly swept off your feet by the tiny treasures you discovered in the pools the tide left behind.

Rediscover your childhood wonder with delicate necklaces guaranteed to bring back a wave of memories.

Abby Eaton began creating jewelry as fundraisers for her childrens' athletic events. Now that they’re teenagers, Eaton turns to her three daughters to help keep her designs current.

The results are dainty pieces that make a big splash. Tiny shells are paired with gemstones and colorful coral, all dangling from a barely-there gold-fill or sterling silver chain. Try on a long necklace finished off with a pair of sea urchin spines, or dive into a cool take on the feather trend with a vibrant little plume shed by one of Eaton’s neighbor’s exotic pet birds. Lei Chic

Eaton also creates airy pieces in koa veneer from her brother, a koa supplier for guitar makers. Her latest work features the rich wood, hand carved into feather like shapes for a statement necklace that won’t weigh you down.

All at prices that won’t leave you shell shocked.

It’s just the new little treasure you need to turn back the sands of time.

Abby Eaton jewelry is exclusively sold at Sand People, Kailua, 600 Kailua Rd. 808.261.8878.