A Dog Do Bio Bags

www.leichic.com We’re not prudes or anything. We just think that there are still some things better left unsaid. Kept to yourself. Private domain. Mum’s the word. Okay, you get the drift. But that’s also going to make this really difficult.

Because certain private affairs so often become public. Like when people leave their dog’s business right on their neighbor’s lawn for everyone to see (and smell). That’s not kosher (and in some places it’s illegal), but even if you scooped it up into an old plastic grocery bag, dropped it in the bin and sent it off anonymously to the landfill – well that’s not very kind either (to the earth).

That’s why we’re casually mentioning biodegradable pet bags to use for your dog’s unmentionables. BioBags pet bags are made out of GMO-free corn, contain no polyethylene plastic residue, and are 100-percent biodegradable within 10 to 45 days of placement in a compost or landfill. The regular size can perfectly hide a Golden Retriever’s…deposits, but go large for mammoth-sized…dogs.

Then spread the word. Leave an unused bag out as a hint for fellow dog owners, or sign them up for a free sample.

But that’s all.
Because any more would just be TMI.

BioBag Pet Bags and a free sample are available online at The Green Retriever , 808.772.4882. Bags only are at: Kale’s Natural Foods , 377 Keahole St., Hawaii Kai, 808.396.6993; Waimanalo Feed Supply, 41-1521 Lukanela St., 808.259.5344; and Crazy Canine , 98-027 Hekaha St., Aiea, 808.485.9663