A Different Dobash from Diamond Head Market

The dobash cake from Diamond Head Market.

Photo: A. Kam Napier

You can make a pleasant, foodie day out of a visit to Monsarrat Avenue. We started out with a mixed plate ($9) and a grilled salmon with miso ginger sauce mini plate ($8.50) at Diamond Head Market. Question for the readers—the dressing for the green salad is described as “honey mustard,” but we were sure that mustard must be wasabi, specifically. Anyone else think so?

A walk was in order after all that protein, and, yes, white rice. We headed to the nearby Bogart’s Café for an Americano and espresso ($6.23 total), and visited some shops in the same little strip mall. Then, back to the car at Diamond Head Market when suddenly, dessert from the in-house bakery seemed in order.

That’s when we spied the dobash cake ($4.50). If you love dobash, check out this version. The cake has a bit more body than the standard Napoleon’s Bakery version and the frosting, while still very much like pudding, had a richer, fudgier flavor. Somehow, on balance, you can still tell it’s a dobash cake, but share it with some friends as food for thought—how chocolate-y can a dobash cake get before it’s just chocolate cake?

Also tasty, the pumpkin crunch ($3.50), a fun twist on pumpkin pie.

Diamond Head Market & Grill, 3158 Monsarrat Ave., (808) 732-0077, www.diamondheadmarket.com.

Bogart’s Cafe, 3045 Monsarrat Ave. Ste. 3, (808) 739-0999, www.facebook.com/pages/Bogarts-Cafe/118566561488346.