A Delicate Power

Lei ChicAppearances can be deceiving. You’re having trouble proving your girly look isn’t the only thing that can pack a punch.

Just because you love multi-layered, flouncy skirts people assume you’ll tier up over the littlest thing. Sure, you adore ribbons. It doesn’t mean you’ll bow to the competition.

But some can’t see past your signature stilletos to the wit that would truly keep them on their toes.

You need to make a strong statement without losing your feminine side. Meet your match with Guevarra Arcega.

Lei Chic Sacred Hearts Academy graduate Heather Guevarra Arcega grew up watching her grandmother create pageant gowns for her mother then studied menswear in college. Her tailored, yet glamorous self-named line quickly began selling out in San Francisco shops. Now, her new collection is about to make its world debut in her home state of Hawaii.

You won’t lose your edge in a delicate lace cami when it’s trimmed in bold black. Or flaunt your right to bare arms in a close-fitting, lace-and-mesh mini dress. You won’t need a shoulder to cry on when it’s embellished with embroidered silk from an Indian sari. Lei ChicAnd you'll have no probem putting your foot down (comfortably) when you slip on Guevarra Arcega’s platform pump featuring her handdrawn pattern and extra padding in the toe.

It's just the style to prove you are anything but a damsel in this dress.

Guevarra Arcega will debut its 2011 collection in a fashion show Friday, Sept. 2 at Collins & 8th, 560 Pensacola St. RSVPs are required as space is limited. Click here to respond, call 808.593.9696, or e-mail info@collinsand8th.com for more information.