A Chuckle Sandwich

Lei ChicThough it wasn’t an out-right resolution, you are kinda, sorta, angling for that promotion this year.  

But you get nauseous at the thought of giving presentations, and you stammer while trying to schmooze. Worst of all, you never seem to think of that perfect, witty one-liner until you’re walking away from the water cooler.  

If only there was a class for teaching funny.  
Swap your brown bag for a lunch where you’ll learn how to chew the fat with grace. At Laughing Lunch, a new, weekly, hour-long improvisational theater class, you’ll learn how to think on your feet and gain confidence performing in front of a group.  

Taught by Genie Joseph, founder of Act Resilient, a program that uses drama as therapy for soldiers struggling with PTSD, the totally interactive class covers improv basics. And while anyone can benefit from an hour of hilarity—sure to assuage the pain of even the most tyrannical boss—Joseph says that shy people tend to blossom the most during entry-level classes.   

Best of all, we’ve heard that laughing burns calories, meaning the class doubles as those lunchtime workouts you resolved to start this year.   

Just what you need to finally act your wage.  

Laughing Lunch will be held once weekly starting this Wednesday, January 19, at Arts At Mark’s Garage.  The lunch begins at 12:30 pm and reservations are recommended. For more info, or to make reservations, call 808.521.2903 or visit www.act-resilient.org.