A Business Mixer for Young Professionals

Photo: Tiffany Hill

Looking for a cool pau hana with other business professionals?  Check out the Professional Services Social thrown by the Shidler College of Business Alumni Association and the Young Lawyers Division of the Hawaii State Bar Association.  Last month, they came together to present this event that’s open to all young lawyers, doctors and business professionals, and it is intended to be a networking business mixer for those people who want a cheaper option to other pricey business events—and at $10 per person, with complimentary pupu, there’s no reason not to go.

I attended the last one held at Ka Restaurant and was pleasantly surprised to find a line at the door as soon as I arrived—6 p.m., the exact time that it opened. There was a good crowd queuing up at the bar as well. I hadn’t expected there to be so much demand. One hour later, every table was filled and it was standing room only. Not bad for a Wednesday pau hana.

Collared shirts and suit dresses made it obvious that everyone came straight from work, but the vibe was relaxed, carefree and fun. Looking around the room, we could tell that we were in the company of many dentists, financial advisors and young lawyers. And, conversations about court cases swirled around us.

The event is a great way to meet people outside of your circle of friends, and coworkers. And, it’s a refreshing twist on Hawaii’s nightlife scene—no pants on the ground here.

The Professional Services Social happens sporadically, so check the Shidler College of Business website to get updates on new events. Or, just stay tuned here.