A Blend in Need

Lei Chic Life was a breeze until Mr. Right moved in. Then you started to have the stinking suspicion things weren't going to be so rosy.

First he tossed his socks behind the couch. Then he left his dishes in the sink. Now the hamper is overflowing with his dirty laundry, and the bathroom – well, let's just say he's making your life a living smell.

Time to pick up SoHa Living's aloha reed diffusers. Co-owner Brooke Watson started mixing scents to create the perfect baby powder diffuser for her son's room. It got such rave reviews, she kept experimenting until aloha was born.

Choose from nine unique fragrances, like Kahala Cabana, a soothing blend of pikake, plumeria and orange blossom with a hint of amber, inspired by Watson's childhood days on the beach. Or breathe in Paradise, a fragrant bouquet of gardenia, pikake, lilac and lilies, to remind you of Mr. Right's more romantic side.

Lei ChicFor a different spin, try Pikake & Puka Shells with a hint of salt water, or Lilikoi & Fig, high fruity notes balanced with coconut and vanilla.

Each bottle comes in a reusable bag and can last up to two years without a refill.

So picking one up makes perfect scents.

And, when it comes to Mr. Right, absolutely essence-tial.

SoHa Living aloha reed diffusers, $52.80. Available at SoHa Living in Kahala Mall, 4211 Waialae Ave., Suite 1390. For more information, call (808) 591-9777 or visit www.sohaliving.com.