9 Things Alex O’Loughlin and Daniel Dae Kim Love About Hawai‘i

We interviewed these two Hawai‘i Five-0 stars at the Season 6 red carpet premiere event.
Hawaii Five-0 fans waiting for the red carpet premier event to start. 
Photo: Brittney Nitta-Lee 


It seems like just yesterday we fell for the reboot of the vintage Hawai‘i Five-0. We swooned over the rugged new McGarrett, wanted to surf with the beautiful Kono, and laughed and cried with Chin Ho Kelly. Full of beautiful sceneries and crazy plot twists, the show has kept us on the edge of our seats for five seasons. On Saturday, Sept. 12, season six premiered in Waikīkī and proved why we still love the show and its stars. 


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Alex O’Loughlin

Model and designer Malia Jones with her husband Alex O'Loughlin, who plays Steve McGarrett on Hawai‘i Five-0, at the red carpet.
Photo: Diane Lee


The Australian actor arrived at the red carpet event with his talented designer wife Malia Jones (Jones will be a featured designer at the upcoming HONOLULU Fashion Week). He greeted fans and took photos with them as he made his way down the red carpet.  We were lucky enough to snag an interview with him to learn a few things that he loves about Honolulu. Note: He did not hide his native Australian accent.


1. We wanted to know how he keeps so fit. The 36-year-old actor is not a surfer. Sorry, ladies and fellas, you won’t see O‘Loughlin shredding waves anytime soon. But, he does love the beach–beaches in Waimānalo, to be exact.


2.  Who doesn’t love hiking in Hawai‘i? O’Loughlin is certainly a fan. We can just imagine him running on Makiki trails with his shirt off, body glistening in the sun.


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3. If you love Japanese food and sushi, you may have something in common with him. He is a fan of Sushi Sasabune.


4. There’s nothing wrong with a pau hana and a kanikapila in the comfort of your own home. His favorite place to drink is his house, and his favorite place on the island? His house, of course!


Daniel Dae Kim

Hawai‘i Five-0 actor Daniel Dae Kim, who plays Chin Ho Kelly, autographs a beach ball for a fan.
Photo: Diane Lee 


Fans of Daniel Dae Kim did not hold back at the red carpet this year. Our ears are still ringing from high-pitched “Daniel!” screams. Last year, he jumped over the barricades to take selfies with a few lucky fans. This year, he slowly made his way down the red carpet and took photos with and signed autographs for his fans. What a nice guy! During our interview, he could not stop talking about his favorite restaurants on O‘ahu.


1. Kim is a fan of Lee Anne Wong’s restaurants. Don’t be surprised if you see him at Koko Head Café or at her newest restaurant, Hale Ōhuna.


2. It’s clear Kim is a fan of the fine dining food scene in Honolulu. Among his picks, he enjoys eating at Roy’s, Alan Wong’s and d.k Steakhouse.


3. Just like O’Loughlin, he loves Waimānalo beach. There must be something in the water that attracts these two Hawaii Five-0 hotties.


4. In past interviews he’s mentioned that he likes Kualoa Ranch.


5. Don’t go chasing waterfalls unless it’s with Kim. His favorite hike on the island is Maunawili Falls.