8 Homes on O‘ahu That Sold For the Median Price Last Year

Here's what the median price of single-family homes and condos will buy you.

In 2015, the median price paid for a single-family home on O‘ahu was $700,000. That’s a pretty big chunk of change, but what’ll it actually buy you? Not surprisingly, the farther you go from metro Honolulu, the further your dollar stretches. Here’s a sample of what sold for around that price last year.



Photo: Aaron Yoshino 


  • 4 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms

  • 1,291-square-foot interior / 5,305-square-foot lot 

  • List price: $669,000 / Sold price: $700,000


This Keolu Hills home is just around the corner from Keolu Elementary School and includes a studio in the back and a leased PV system. It was built in 1957 and remodeled in 2015 with new flooring, vanities and an updated kitchen.


‘Ewa Plain

Photo: Courtesy of Help U-Sell Honolulu Properties 


  • 4 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms

  • 1,894-square-foot interior / 6,416-square-foot lot

  • List price: $710,000 / Sold price: $695,000


Ka Makana was the first neighborhood to open in the resort community Hoakalei in 2013, so it’s still very new and close to Hoakalei Country Club and Wai Kai Lagoon. It comes with a nice yard, a lānai, air conditioning and a two-car garage.


Wai‘alae Nui

Photo: Steve Chung 


  • 3 bedrooms / 1 bathroom

  • 912-square-foot interior / 5,715-square-foot lot

  • List price: $719,000 / Sold price: $680,000


Between Kāhala and ‘Āina Haina, two of the most expensive neighborhoods on the island, this run-down property doesn’t have a lot going for it to warrant that price, other than its location about a mile from the mall and its view of the mountains and the ocean. It’s rare to find a property for this price in the area.





  • 6 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms, 2 half bathrooms

  • 2,304-square-foot interior / 3,412-square-foot lot

  • List price: $790,000 / Sold price: $700,000


If you want to live near town, only a handful of single-family homes are available nearby (and don’t even think about Kaka‘ako). This is a duplex, with three bedrooms and one-and-a-half bathrooms per level.





  • 4 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms

  • 1,620-square-foot interior / 7,586-square-foot lot

  • List price: $710,000 / Sold price: $700,000


This large lot boasts fruit trees, an alarm system and a solar water heater, as well as new carpet and paint, plus a remodeled kitchen and bathrooms.



Photo: Randy Prothero 


  • 7 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms

  • 2,411-square-foot-interior / 10,890-square-foot lot

  • List price: $710,000 / Sold price: $700,000


Traffic from Wahiawā to town might be a nightmare, but who cares when you can get two homes for the price of one on a giant lot? The property was built in 1947 but remodeled last year, and it’s in good condition.



If you want a place in East O‘ahu, your chances are slim—there were hardly any homes for sale for less than $750,000 from Kaimukī to Hawai‘i Kai last year, nor any in Waikīkī, except for condos:


Trump Tower Waikīkī



  • 0 bedrooms / 1 bathroom

  • 493-square-foot interior / 75-square-foot lānai

  • List price: $743,000 / Sold price: $700,000


Harbor Square

Thankfully, the median price for a condo was considerably less than that of a single-family home: $360,000. For that price, you can live right on the edge of Downtown.



  • 2 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms

  • 604-square-foot interior / 121-square-foot lānai

  • List price: $379,000 / Sold price: $360,000