8 Halloween Sweets That Are All Treat, No Tricks

Hey, sugar, sugar.
Sugarlina Bakeshop in ‘Aiea is getting into the Halloween spirit with these cute cupcakes. Check out what other local bakeries are doing for the Hallowed day.
Photo: Courtesy of Sugarlina Bakeshop


When it comes to Halloween happenings, we’d much rather take sweets-eating over TP-ing. We know you’re gonna have your fill of candy on the day of, whether it’s by stealing from your tot’s stash or treating yo’self with a bulk bag of bite-size bars that’s ALL for you (no judgments), but why trick yourself into thinking the sweets have to end there? We threw ourselves into the “more treats, less tricks” mentality and scoured the city to round up some of our fave hallowed holiday dessert offerings for your gorging pleasure. Here you go, you goody monsters.


Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got a bunch of sugar-spun mummies to eat while watching Hocus Pocus like a respectable adult.


These candy-corn-shaped macarons from Cakeworks are as tasty as they are adorable.
Photo: Natalie Schack


You’ll get a kick out of these ultra-bright candy-corn-shaped macarons, which are surprisingly (considering how blah real candy corns are) pretty damn delicious in the way only white-chocolate-dipped things can be.

$2, Cakeworks, 2820 S. King St., 946-4333, cakeworkshi.com


We fell in love with this chummy mummy doughnut on a stick, which has all the dense goodness and sweet coating of our favorite Watanabe Bakery go-to, mini matcha doughnuts (minus the green, but, ahem, can we suggest a Frankenstein doughnut stick for next year?).

$2.25, Watanabe Bakery, 2065 S. Beretania St., 946-1074


We love this super-cute bat cream puff from Kulu Kulu Bakery.
Photo: Natalie Schack


Is it possible to fall in love with a cream puff? This grinning bat has totally stolen our hearts—and his luscious cream filling ain’t bad either.

$3.50, Kulu Kulu Bakery, Ala Moana Center in Shirokiya Japan Village Walk, kulukulucake.com


This jack-o’-latern-topped, chocolate-dipped Rice Krispies treat takes us back to small-kid days.
Photo: Natalie Schack


Throwback to your Halloween hanabata days with this chocolate-dipped Rice Krispies treat, which has just the right texture and crunch, and comes topped with a jack-o’-lantern candy.

$2.95, Honolulu Chocolate Co., Ward Village Shops, 851-4667, honoluluchocolate.com


This eyeball cupcake from Magnolia Bakery comes in either the bakery’s popular chocolate or vanilla flavor.
Photo: Natalie Schack


We loved this ogling eyeball cupcake from Magnolia Bakery, complete with creepy veins. They come in Magnolia’s world-famous chocolate or vanilla flavors.

$3.50, Magnolia Bakery, Ala Moana Center, 942-4132, magnoliabakery.com


These decorated Oreo pops are cute overload!
Photo: Courtesy of The Sugar Hut


This must be the year of scary-cute mummies because we are freaking out over this decorated chocolate-dipped Oreo pop mummy from The Sugar Hut. He’s joined by some fellow spooks, including a spider, jack-o’-lantern and even a Jack Skellington macaron!

$2, The Sugar Hut, 87-070 Farrington Highway, Wai‘anae, 722-7539, sugarhuthawaii.com


You can’t walk a yard in this town right now without tripping over a dozen cookie characters right out of your sweetest nightmares, from creepy pumpkins to ominous black cats. This little masterpiece from Saint-Germain Bakery really caught our eye with its intricate airbrushed details and unexpected “haunted house” theme.

$3.85, Saint-Germain Bakery, 1296 South Beretania, 593-8711, stghi.com


Sugarlina Bakeshop’s bringing back its frighteningly adorable Halloween cupcakes this year, just in time for the Hallowed day itself. Check in this weekend for the daily flavors with a festive twist: decorations of goggle-eyed bats, shadowy cats or monstrous undead hands.

$2.95, Sugarlina Bakeshop, 98-199 Kamehameha Highway, ‘Aiea, 312-3173, sugarlina.com