8 Dad’s Day Gifts for Your Pop Star

Present these winners, from whiskey to tees to mugs.


“You coming over for dinner next week.”
“A bag of pork rinds, I guess.”


Asking dad what he wants for Father’s Day is pretty useless, because he’s so infuriatingly selfless. Story of your life. Whether he was quietly refilling your gas tank before you noticed it was low, threatening sketchy boys you were dating before you were old enough to know what trouble looked like, or teaching you Krav Maga moves for those late nights in the parking garage, he always makes it about you. It’s enough to make your blood boil.


Get back at him for all that damn loving and aggravatingly good parenting with a gift so perfect that he never even realized he wanted it. Whether it’s fit for one of his favorite pastimes, such as fishing, barbecuing or collecting keys (hey, we don’t judge, we just observe), or his favorite treats (whiskey, anyone?) these presents will be a real pop star.


Take that, Dad.


1. Black. Strong. In large quantities. He’s got pretty simple requirements for his morning cuppa, but this explosively cool mug is sure to infuse a little va-va-voom into an otherwise humdrum daily ritual.
Grenade mug, $24.50, MŌNO, 2013 South King St., 955-1595


2. You may never find out exactly what all his keys are actually for (seriously—there are only so many doors on one house), but at least he can keep them in check with this edgy, manly bling from local jewelry brand BYCHARI.
BYCHARI tooth keychain, $60, Oliver Men’s Shop, 49 Kihapai St., 261-6587


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3. The man lives in his tees, but that ratty Sharka shirt is really starting to grate on you. Look to the new Salvage Public collection for a chic replacement, like this graphic ode to Waikīkī, a haunt pop and you used to frequent when you were a kid.
Salvage Public surf tee, $48, Rebecca Beach, Royal Hawaiian Hotel, 931-7722


4. Dad was never a perspirer. Nope, he’s a real man, and real men SWEAT. Unfortunately, lest mom divorce him due to the smell, that means layering on chemical-packed deodorants that are icky as can be. Dad won’t listen to your ‘hippy ramblings’ about it, so kill two birds with one stone and buy him this all-natural, locally made deodorant for Father’s Day. Win and win.
Shoots deodorant, $18, Aloha Sunday Kailua Outpost, 131 Hekili St.


5. He may spend most of his “fishing” time drinking beer with his buds and lounging on the shore, but either way, this sweet pair of boardshorts will add some island style to your father’s figure on weekends off. 
Vissla boardshorts, $59.95, CLIPS, 822 Kaheka St., 941-6777.


6. It’s his day, and after decades of gracefully accepting macaroni pictures and handmade dream catchers as his dad’s day gift, he deserves something a little stronger. Not only will he put this whiskey Man Crate (which comes with snacks, booze, glassware and more imbibing accoutrements) to good use, he’ll get a good laugh out of it as well.
Whiskey Connoisseur Man Crate, $169.99, mancrates.com


7. You credit Dad, and years with him watching Richard Dean Anderson run around duct tapping this and that, for your vast knowledge of MacGyver. While the rubber-band-corn-cob-and-lighter-fluid-turned-bomb trick may be a bit out of his league, this awesome “The Possibilities Kit” has a slew of simple tools that will help him—more realistically—MacGyver his way out of everyday problems around the house.
The Possibilities Kit, $75, bestmadeco.com


8. Your happy place is the spa. Mom’s happy place is the garden. Dad’s happy place is definitely behind a grill, smokin’ up a storm of meaty flavor. He’s already pretty pro, but this book by the owners of Austin restaurant Franklin Barbecue will take him to the next level of meat-cooking expertise.
Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto, $21.40, amazon.com