8 Christmas Cards To Send Now

Spread holiday cheer with these fun and festive greeting cards.


Dear Kris,

Just wanted to send you and the family a few well wishes this season, since I know it’s always a real stressful one for you and the Mrs. And with world population booming, the elves going on strike and corporate downsizing its reindeer department, things aren’t looking to get better anytime soon.

Oh, and keep safe up there. I heard about half your backyard melting away this past summer, what with global warming and all. I’ll never understand why you folks didn’t move south like the rest of us years ago. I don’t know what I’d do without spring.

Anyway, be a pal and make sure everyone gets their cards?


E. Bunny


Hope you have the merriest of days, Dancer. And maybe these lovely, Christmas-y hula girls will help with that.” Set of 20 Aloha Letterpress cards, $40 in the Aloha Letterpress Etsy shop


“Dear Nick Jr., Merry Christmas—and keep practicing your ‘Ho ho ho,’ son. Those are some pretty big boots you’re going to fill one day.” Nico Made card, $4, nicomade.com


“Long time no see, Coca Cola Bear! Much love from our fam to yours and, er, do yourself a favor and lay off those sweets. You endangered folks have got to take extra care of yourselves.” Beachcake card, $5, Sugar Cane Shop, 1137 11th Ave.


“I know you’re all about YOLO right now, Frosty, but I wish you’d be more careful with your daredevil activities. In any event, enjoy this skiing card—I know it’s one of your favorite sports.” Mr. Boddington card, $4.5, Miemiko Atelier, Ward Village Shops


“Have a jolly one, Mrs. Claus! (Get Kris to take you south for vacation after Christmas—and I don’t mean Sweden, like last year. Somewhere warm, tropical and green.” So Pupuka card, $4, Sugarcane Shop, 1137 11th Ave.


“Jack Frost, I heard you’ve been at your old tricks nipping at people’s noses. Hope this lovely card inspires you to show a little more seasonal spirit.” Kawaihae Card, $4–$5.50, kawaihaecards.com


“Happy holidays, Gingerbread Man, and I know you’ll have many more ahead of you … as long as you stay out of the way of those partridges and turtle doves.” Heather Brown card, $6, heatherbrownart.com


“Season’s greetings, Rudolph, ‘ol boy. This handsome stag reminded me of you. Minus the handsome nose, of course.” Mistprint card, $4 in the Mistprint Etsy shop