8 Cards Cool Enough for Dad’s Day

Another holiday, another excuse to go stationery shopping.


Last year? Specialty blend coffee from Starbucks.
The year before? Coffee K-cups for Keurig machines.
The year before? … You get the idea.


Not to roast you, but if you haven’t started thinking about D-Day yet, you need to get on that ASAP, lest you end up tossing some French roast beans into a gift bag again this year. See, the thing about dads is they’re notoriously low-maintenance (unlike Mom, who would never accept carnations if you tried to give them to her, God help you). So, it’s easy to toss your Father’s Day duties to the back burner and call it in. He’ll always use coffee, right? Done.


Hold it. Just because dad will be stoked with a handmade macaroni art piece, you and I both know he deserves a somewhat more special message. This Father’s Day, say “thank you for being super rad” or “seriously, you’re the coolest dad EVER” with these awesome greeting cards, all of which have us totally charmed.


And, hey, you can still put a Starbucks gift card inside.  


1. This is actually a notecard set from Maui-based Matsumoto Studio, but that just means you’ll have more cards to give to the best fisherman you know for Christmas and his birthday. $12 for a set of four, matsumotostudio.com.


2. Speak his language or, if we’re being politically correct, dialect. Pidgin meets slick hand-lettering and elegant letterpressing in this number from local shop Jiwa Jiwa Press. $5, the Jiwa Jiwa Press shop.  


3. ’Cause he’s swell. This stylized, locally made card says it all. $4, nicomade.com.


4. Sweet and simple, with the cutest nod to local-kine dad style, this too-cute card from Bradley and Lily is a real winner. $3.75, South Shore Paperie, 1016 Kapahulu Ave.


5. OK, so it’s not made specifically for Father’s Day, but local brand Mistprint’s “T-riffic” T. rex card is perfect for the guy that took you to see your first Jurassic Park, thus igniting in you a lifelong love for dinos. $4, the Mistprint Etsy shop.


6. What can we say? We’re suckers for puns and bright colors. $4.50, idlewilco.com.


7. Thanks for teaching us all the manly stuff, dads! (Or, in our case—trying to.) $5.95, papyrusonline.com.


8. Lions = fierce. Cubs = so cute. Quill & Fox always has on-point pieces for all-things-twee-lovers like ourselves. $4.50, quillandfox.com.