7 Ways the New Anthropologie Will Make Your Life Better

So many things are about to get knocked off our wish list this Sunday.


The number of things we’ve pinned from Anthropologie … let’s just say we like looking at pictures of its products more than we like looking at pictures of our BF.


And now that the chain is opening its first-ever Hawai‘i-based store this Sunday, we are totally ready to spend all of our time there. We could shop for fringed, crocheted, distressed things all day and be all the happier for it. We’re sure you’re right behind us on this one, but in case you need a little more convincing, here are seven reasons why this is the best thing to happen to you in months. In fact, you should probably alert your BF that he may not be seeing much of you for a while.


‘Cause this is the only relationship you need right now.


1. This Seafolly Pineapple maillot

Because it looks like it’s straight out of Taylor Swift’s closet—and that’s a total win. $158.


2. The Petite Shop

What’s better than a shop of adorable things from the house of your dreams? A shop within a shop of adorable things from the house of your dreams. The Honolulu Petite Shop will be one of the brand’s biggest at 1,000 square feet, and is specially curated for women 5 feet 3 inches and under. The teeny hapa-Asians among us will rejoice to find more than 150 exclusive styles from designers such as Cecilia Prado, Ranna Gill and Tracy Reese that will (finally!) fit like a glove.


3. This Cynthia Vincent dress

I mean, can you picture yourself lounging in this boho gem beachside, cocktail in hand, trade winds brushing your legs? $345.


4. The Swim Shop

You live in Hawai‘i, so having too many suits is unheard of. We love this trend of having little shops dedicated to swim (one of our favorite fashion genres!) and the Anthropologie version is sure to become a new fave. Find styles from Zimmerman and Mara Hoffman.


5. This Antora cropped jumpsuit

The hip art teacher inside you needs this. Right now. $148.


6. Local events

In addition to hosting in-store events throughout the year, the Anthropologie team will be getting down and dirty (in a totally good way) with the local community. Look for them at the upcoming contemporary art and music festival Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i 2015 as the sponsor of a piece by conceptual crochet artist Olek. The sculpture is a traditional Hawaiian canoe sheathed in crochet (how perfect is that?) and will be on display in front of the Honolulu Museum of Art Feb. 7–13.


7. This Hidden Atoll bake and tableware

As much as we lurve, lurve, lurve Anthro clothes, our favorite things to browse through are its homewares and kitchen goods. The rustic square-shaped ceramic dishes and tools come in a folksy palette that is irresistible. $12–$18.