6 Zero-Proof Cocktails to Try in Honolulu When You’re Living That Alcohol-Free Life

Mocktails that might make your meal.
Merriman’s Maika‘i Zero Proof Mai Tai
Photo: Emily Benton


Whether you are abstaining for life or for a meal, a custom nonalcoholic drink can lift your spirits, and a really good one could even make your meal. Here are six Honolulu restaurant mocktails to try.


Moku Kitchen’s So Figgin’ Awesome, $6

A late dinner at Moku Kitchen calls for something sweet—but not too sweet—to have with a Caesar salad, rotisserie chicken breast and garlic truffle fries. The So Figgin’ Awesome did just the trick with a hint of cinnamon, fig and vanilla in soda. Like a horchata without the milkiness, this drink could also balance out spicy food.

SALT at Our Kaka‘ako, 660 Ala Moana Blvd., mokukitchen.com


Rigo’s That Cucumber Thing, $6

Arriving famished and thirsty on a Thursday after work, That Cucumber Thing gave me the instant boost I needed for pau hana. Light and crisp with cucumber, mint, lime and soda, this drink paired perfectly with rich cheeses in Italian plates such as the spaghetti carbonara and pizza.

885 Kapahulu Ave., rigohawaii.com


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Lucky Belly’s Hibiscus Lemonade, $4, and Liliko‘i Fizz, $5

A Friday night began with quick eats at Lucky Belly in the heart of Chinatown. To pace ourselves, my companion and I started out with a Hibiscus Lemonade and a Liliko‘i Fizz. The Hibiscus Lemonade was not too tart nor too sugary, while the Liliko‘i Fizz had liliko‘i pulp mixed in. Both drinks lifted our flavor-packed appetizers of oxtail dumplings and shishito peppers.

50 N. Hotel St., luckybelly.com


Maui Brewing Co.’s Orange Crush, $7 

Accompanying a late lunch, The Orange Crush is a glass of sunshine—its orange juice, mint, lemon-lime soda and simple syrup making lunch taste more like brunch with a mimosa mocktail.

573 Kailua Road or 2300 Kalākaua Ave., mbcrestaurants.com


Merriman’s Maika‘i Zero Proof Mai Tai, $6

This drink is simply the restaurant’s mai tai without the rum, which makes it veer toward the sweet side, but it’s still delightful, with a honey liliko‘i foam that’s reminiscent of the head on a glass of Guinness. 

Ward Village, 1108 Auahi St. #170, merrimanshawaii.com