6 Ways to Shop Your Way to Your New Year’s Resolutions

We promise we don’t mention “no carb diet” once in this article.

It’s halfway through January, so if you’re still eating eggnog truffles for dinner, stepping over piles of discarded Christmas paper and Ubering to work instead of walking, you’re a bit behind the New Year’s resolutions train—but you’re not alone. Trust us: We know it’s hard to get back in gear after the happy holidays (cue tears), so we picked out a few tips to get you going—and a few cute little purchases to start the new year that just may convince you further.


And if not? At least you have some chic new swag.

  bikini bird yoga mat

Photo: Courtesy of Bikini Bird


Treat yourself

We know, we know: seems like a strange way to start your New Year’s resolutions list, right? We’re not talking about giving yourself a pass every time you make yourself sick on a doughnut binge. We mean give yourself a treat when you deserve it! Worked your butt off on that creative project you promised yourself you’d finish? Celebrate with a much-needed night out with friends. Ate clean all week? Keep a cheat snack that won’t break the scale, like (surprise!) healthy dark chocolate in your cupboards for when you need a pick-me-up. Trying to inspire yourself to actually attend those yoga classes? Buy yourself a pretty new mat to get yourself in the mood. $60, Bikini Bird, 131 Hekili St., Kailua.


with love from paradise gym leggings
Photo: Courtesy of With Love From Paradise


Enlist your squad

Spending time with people makes people happy, trust us. Even the most introspective among us can benefit enormously from a little one-on-one time with some of the few close, intimate relationships in their lives, whether that’s a family member, friend or romantic partner. Don’t let precious relationships take a far-back seat to the careers, projects, naps, etc. that create so much noise in adult life. Sometimes enlisting loved ones to join in on your other pursuits can add a little social pressure—er, motivation!—to get your butt moving. Our tip: Make a weekly date for a brunch and a hike with your boo, and kill two birds with one stone. Necessary for such weekend trips? Sexy new workout gear that will make you feel hot as hell, like these fierce leggings from With Love From Paradise. $89, withlovefromparadise.com.

  nico made to do list

Photo: Courtesy of Nico Made


Think about what makes you happy

Life gets busy, and when that happens, it’s easy to let your passion projects fall by the wayside. Remember geeking out on French films during your college years, or the high school summer you started a book club? Can’t remember the last time you got that au naturel high off a scuba sesh, or miss the way drinking a pot of green tea every day used to make you feel? Take a moment for a spiritual deep dive and think about the things, activities and pastimes that really, truly make you happy. (Hint: It probably isn’t “more work,” and it could be as simple as “more sleep, dammit.”) Make it a priority to fit those spirit-lifters into your schedule this year, even if it means turning down social invitations or reshuffling your workload. Then, jot it all down on a dedicated notepad that’s a joy to write on, like this happy little heliconia number from Nico Made. Keep your list close at all times and refer to it now and then to make sure you’re staying on track. $9.95, nicomade.com.

  love joy create storage bin

Photo: Courtesy of LoveJoyCreate


Go minimal

Chances are a clear space will help clear your mind, which will help you focus on your 2017 goals. Bump spring cleaning up a few months this year and shed the extras that are keeping your house—and life—clogged. Do you really need those clothes you haven’t worn in years? That entire shoebox full of makeup brushes? Maybe it’s time to actually pare down that craft drawer. Once you see how much progress you’re making, you’ll feel inspired to push harder with other life changes. Start off by reorganizing your junk into two section: a) the trash, and b) the “keep” pile, housed in this cute little storage bin. $39, LoveJoyCreate Etsy shop.

  matsumoto calendar

Photo: Courtesy of Matsumoto Studios


Set (actually attainable) goals

The last thing you want to do is set yourself up for failure. Knowing what concrete goal you’re working toward is key, whether that’s a number on the scale, a lower cholesterol rate or a doodle-a-day creative juices quota, but take an honest moment to sit down and think about what you’ll really, sustainably be able to fit into your current life to make those goals happen. Then, round those expectations slightly down for the first few weeks. Things going good? Ramp it up a bit. Track your progress with this dear 2017 calendar from Matsumoto Studios, which is adorned with Japanese patterns in pretty fan shapes. Refer back to it in the following weeks when you need to get motivated. $20, matsumotostudios.com.

  quill and fox planner

Photo: Courtesy of Quill and Fox


Make it a date

We love the idea of purchasing a gym membership or package of barre or art classes. That way, every time your after-work exercise session or Saturday ceramics studio day rolls around, you’ll feel the pressure of financial investment to get your butt off the couch. Even if it’s not a pay-to-play event, making your sessions official on your calendar is key, and while writing them in stone may be a little severe, this charming forest-themed calendar is anything but. Use it to pencil in your workouts, art periods or family visits like you would with an appointment. That way, you’re reminded to schedule other events around them and will be less apt to blow them off. $13.99, quillandfox.com.


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