6 Local Beauty Oils for Soothing Summer Skin and Hair

These ultra moisturizing, versatile and all-natural oils are our summer go-to’s.


he season of sand, sun and salt is officially here and, while all this outdoorsy TLC is making our beach-bum hearts sing, we’re definitely paying the price—or, at least our skin and hair are. Beachy locks and a golden glow are well and good, but all that exposure to the elements can really end up taking its toll on your assets. Dried-out locks, a spotty complexion and chapped skin? No thanks.


Enter beauty oils of all varieties, which burst with benefits and offer a light, cream-free way to moisturize without clogging you pores or creating build-up on your roots. Plus, the ingredients are all-natural and Island-grown. Here’s the list we’ll be using to pack our beauty-oil arsenal for the summer months to come:


Ili Scrubs Pure Love Oil
Photo: Courtesy of ‘Ili Scrubs

1. We love all-natural ‘Ili scrubs, made on Kaua‘i from coffee grounds and other wholesome ingredients. Now, complement them with a chocolate-y dose of the brand’s Pure Love coconut cacao body oil, packed with antioxidants that will protect and heal your sun-ravaged skin. $22, iliscrub.com.


Hawaiian Bath and Body Kukui Nut Oil
PHOTO: COURTESY OF Hawaiian Bath And Body

2. In addition to soothing sunburns and repairing chapping, rich and luscious kukui-nut oil also does wonders for your hair. This bottle from Hawaiian Bath and Body has an added energizing element: spicy, invigorating lemongrass. $30, hawaiianbathbody.com


Honua Skin Care

PHOTO: COURTESY OF Honua Hawaiian Skin Care

3. Another Hawaiian beauty go-to from yore, ‘ōlena (a type of turmeric) is chock-full of benefits for skin that’s gone through the ringer, targeting sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. Pair this spritz bottle of oil from Honua Hawaiian Skincare with the rest of the companyʻs skin-care line for a really intense treatment. $48, honuaskincare.com.


Lanikai Bath and Body Coconut Oil

PHOTO: COURTESY OF Lanikai Bath And Body

4. Don’t be shy with this bottle of coconut oil from Lanikai Bath and Body. Slather it on your hair to give salt-clogged locks new life, dab it on lips to leave them feeling soft and supple, or rub it on skin as a pure and simple alternative to lotion. $10.50, lanikaibathandbody.com.


Aim HI Face Oil


5. A meticulously selected slew of essential oils creates a soothing bouquet that gives this face oil by Aim HI relaxing aromatherapy properties, as well as the typical moisturizing and antiaging benefits. Lavender, frankincense and sandalwood are all part of this skin-smoothing mix. $60, aimhieveryday.com.


Luana Naturals Oil


6. Luana Naturals’ ‘Ili Oil comes in a handy spritz bottle and features local winner kukui-nut oil along with international MVP avocado oil for a super effective combo that can go on everything from your tresses to your cheeks to your nails to your knees. Pro tip: Removing makeup with oils like this will help you avoid that dried-out, raked-over feeling that skin gets from being rubbed with alcohol-based removers. $39, luananaturals.com.