6 Ideas For Impressive Last-Minute Gifts

Fake it since you didn’t make it (the deadline before Christmas, that is).


T-minus four days till Christmas and it looks like you’ll be buying everyone gift cards again this year …


Or not! Don’t lose hope yet, because there’s still time to be able to rub it in your sister’s face after she pointedly “guessed” she’d be finding a Sephora card under the tree this year. And if Christmas is about anything, it’s about family—and reminding your siblings why you’re the best child, duh. We’ve rounded up some down-to-the-wire ideas, from “custom” gift baskets to wellness goodwill.


A Full Picnic Basket

The key to the present-giving shock-and-awe is going a teensy bit over the top—and you can do that at your local grocery store! Snag a basket (preferably for picnics, gift-style in a pinch) from your Random Things closet (or the store), then clean out the fancy cheese section in your local high-end deli. Add a few fancy crackers, a fancy cured meat, a fancy-ish chocolate selection (the store-wrapped and -cut options sold by weight work great!) and wine. Tie it with a bow and gift it with promises of Pinteresty picnic dates in the near future.


A Series of Yoga Classes

For a gift that says, I care about you, loved one, I care about your body, your health and your well-being, it’s not a gift card to Ala Moana. Present your buddy with an “experience” this year with a series of yoga classes. Your lucky recipient will have the opportunity to discover the spiritual and physical healing benefits of the practice, get a jumpstart to post-holidays-gluttony fitness and have fun picking which sessions to try. Bonus: Go with them to the first couple of classes and make it a sweet day out together. We love the Yoga Hawai‘i three-pack, which is $15 per class.


Cocktail “Kits”

One’s life periodically needs to be purged of accumulated junk. If your friend is going through one of these periods, consider giving her the temporary joy of a D.I.Y. cocktail set that won’t take up space in the regifting closet of doom. Does she love Manhattans? A quick trip to the grocery store for whiskey, bitters and vermouth oughta do it. Tie them together with ribbon, wrap them in cellophane and add a cute, handmade how-to-mix drink card for bonus points. 


Sleepy Slippers

Here’s the thing: Sleepy slippers are amazing, and you probably don’t have enough. If there’s one time of year when bedroom slippers are at their zenith of amazingness, it’s winter. Imagine shuffling around with your toes in toasty, soft bliss as you sip cocoa and eggnog by the fireplace (real or Netflix) on Christmas morning and tell me you wouldn’t be stoked. Just try. The best part? These bad boys are sold everywhere, so it’s a convenient gift to pick up for most everyone. Try your local Longs Drugs for ladies’ and men’s options.


Rogue One Movie Tickets

Depending on when you grew up, the Star Wars series either: A) Is an epic tale of darkness and light, or, B) Had the best Lego sets. Either way, seeing one of the most anticipated movies of the season is a win. Plus, two tickets should help heal the rift between you about Darth Vader’s first love and help bring balance to the force.



Feed our collective social obsession with a tried-and-true classic coffee (boringly useful, we know), disguised as a luxe, personal gift basket. Just get creative: Does he love any particular Starbucks drink styles, like caramel walls or a holiday spice flat white? Toss some caramel in with a bag of a top-tier local roast, or throw in a festive cinnamon-and-orange spice mix. Artisan chocolate syrups, wintry spice toppings and a sweet coffee mug arranged prettily are always a safe bet, too. Everything can be found at your local grocery store or coffee shop. Don’t forget a pretty ribbon to tie it all together!