6 Honolulu Restaurants Your Vegetarian Sweetheart Will Love

Vegetarians can feel the love while fine-dining. Here are 6 nice restaurants that offer full, multi-course vegetarian meals.
Left: Greens and Vines; Right: Roy’s Waikīkī.


If you or the special someone in your life is vegetarian (or, even more challenging, vegan), you’ve probably got a few regular spots you settle on for date night—Simple Joy in Makiki, Peace Cafe in Mōʻiliʻili, maybe the occasional stop at Maharani’s (Indian restaurants are always vegetarian friendly and often vegan friendly). Honolulu has plenty to offer fans of vegetarian casual dining. 


Unfortunately, in a city where seafood and Asian cuisine reign supreme, the vegetarian fine-dining scene in Honolulu is a little lacking. Unlike larger cities, you won’t find a completely vegetarian fancy restaurant. Luckily, most spots offer vegetarian options and are more than happy to accommodate vegetarians with their existing dishes. 


On Valentine’s Day, though, it’s your job to not only find a restaurant with more than one vegetarian option on the menu, but to plan a special experience (and, while the food at Simple Joy is delicious, no, it does not count as a special experience). Use this list to secure not only a spot at one of Honolulu’s finest restaurants, but a full multi-course vegetarian menu, too! 


1. Greens and Vines

Greens and Vines is probably the first place you’d think to take a vegetarian for a nice meal, but we had to mention it because its prix fixe sounded so good, we even included it on our regular Valentine’s Day restaurant roundup—read more about it here. It doesn’t have the nicest ambience of all the restaurants on this list, but it does have great vegan options.

909 Kapi‘olani Blvd., 536-9680, greensandvines.com.


2. Alan Wong’s

Surprisingly, Alan Wong’s is not only highly rated, it’s highly vegetarian friendly. The staff is happy to prepare a five-course vegetarian tasting menu, including a main course like ginger-crusted tofu—just be sure to call and request it in advance. 

1857 S. King St., 949-2526, alanwongs.com.


3. Chef Mavro

The folks at Chef Mavro take it a step further in supporting vegetarians by actually posting their vegetarian menu online. They’re currently serving their winter/truffle menu, which features seasonal winter veggies and several vegetarian options per course. Make your reservation right from the menu page

1969 S. King St, 944-4714, chefmavro.com.


4. Roy’s Waikīkī

Roy’s has never seemed vegetarian-friendly from its menu (which admittedly is very different from location to location), but executive chef Jason Peel does offer a four-course vegan dinner at the Waikīkī location. Not only is it a bargain at $41.50 ($61.50 with wine pairings), but the options sound delicious: Cauliflower “chowder,” Hāmākua mushroom and crispy tofu are all featured on the current menu. Vegan and vegetarian options are scattered throughout the regular menu.

Embassy Suites, 226 Lewers St., 923-7697, royshawaii.com.


5. La Mer at Halekūlani

You’d never guess from La Mer’s menu, but Chef Vikram Garg is happy to prepare a full vegetarian meal. According to this account by the late, former HONOLULU dining editor John Heckathorn, it’s a request the restaurant receives often. Remember to call in advance to place your request.  

2199 Kālia Road, 923-2311, halekulani.com.


6. Vintage Cave

If you’re really trying to make your Valentine’s Day special (perhaps there’s a ring burning a hole in your pocket?), look no further than Vintage Cave. This truly fine dining experience will set you back a pretty penny at $295 per person (vegetarian or not), but we were amazed to learn that Vintage Cave offers a vegetarian tasting menu right alongside its chef’s tasting menu—no special request required. The fully vegetarian (but not vegan) menu (12 items in total) has some amazing offerings, from a “breadfruit pudding” with hearts of peach palm to a “choucroute pierogi” made from beets and quince.

1450 Ala Moana Blvd., 441-1744, vintagecave.com.


Beware, these restaurants fill their seats quickly on Valentine’s Day, and may even be full already. Make your reservations as far in advance as possible!


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