6 Detoxifying Charcoal Beauty Products

Getting a lump of coal is sounding pretty good right now.


We’re on to you. You may have snuck your way onto the “Nice” list and fooled Santa—perhaps with well-placed bribes (those elves have a tiny sense of self-control) and forged Christmas cards—but not us. If we were running the workshop, there’d be only one thing you’d have gotten in your stocking last year: a big, black chunk of coal.


OK, so it’s not all bad. The charcoal we have in mind is of less the dirty barbecuing variety and more the rejuvenating beauty ingredient. Local and national skincare companies alike are looking to this dark horse for rustic, au naturel products that are ultra-effective at detoxifying. Sounds pretty perfect for tackling those post-holiday health goals, right? Here are a few lumps we wouldn’t have minded getting in our stocking this year.


Turns out being naughty isn’t so bad.


1. Peppermint adds a little extra freshness to this bar from the local soapmaking couple behind My Mānoa. $7, mymanoa.com.


2. Blending is a piece of cake with this Earth Therapeutics cosmetic blending sponge, which is made with medicinal bamboo charcoal. $6, kohls.com.


3. Keep it clean with this sleek set of soft Sephora Collection brushes, which have been infused with charcoal. $62, Sephora, Ala Moana Center.


4. The Dermologica charcoal rescue mask boasts an easy-to-remove formula that will perk up exhausted and dull-looking skin. $46, dermalogica.com.


5. Detoxifying charcoal teams up with cedarwood, eucalyptus, lavender, coconut oil and rosemary for some extra punch in Pono Soap’s The Rumbler bar. $8, ponosoap.com.


6. Why should your face get all the fun? Show your body some TLC with this Origins Clear Improvement purifying charcoal body wash, which is scented with spicy clove and wintergreen leaves. $24, origins.com.