6 Creative Welcome Bag Ideas to Spoil Your Out-of-Town Guests

Treat your guests with these goodies.
Bride's maids with welcome bags
Photo: Amber Schoniwitz of Schyne Photography


We love the idea of welcome bags, partly because they’re a great way to get the excitement going early for your out-of-town guests, and partly because it’s a chance for you to brag about your hometown. An awesome welcome bag packed with cool goodies they can use on their Island adventures is basically a message to your friends and family that says, “Heyyyy, look how delicious/fun/awesome/gorgeous where we live is, and look how you get to share that with us for our wedding!” Who wouldn’t get totally excited about that?


Here are our swag picks for spoiling your out-of-town guests, but don’t forget to toss in useful info as well, including a map, a program of events, and suggestions for what to do or eat around town.


1. Shade sunscreen

Shade sunscreen
Photo: Courtesy of Rebecca Beach

It’s safe to say your visiting friends aren’t as used to the tropical sun as you are. Help them avoid turning an unsightly red color with a handy bottle of sunscreen. This Shade brand is safe for our reefs, so your guests won’t be unknowingly contributing to environmental degradation.

$32, Rebecca Beach, Royal Hawaiian Hotel, 2259 Kalākaua Ave., rebeccabeach.com


2. Lanikai Brewing Co. beers

Lanikai Brewing Co. beers
Photo: Courtesy of Lanikai Brewing Co.

These refreshing Lanikai Brewing Co. beers have stunning tropical art on the labels. Plus, at 22 ounces, they’re the perfect size for Island-style happy hours.

$10.99, local markets, lanikaibrewing.com 


3. La Tour Bakery Furikake Puffs

Furikake puffs
Photo: Courtesy of La Tour Bakehouse

These delish La Tour Bakery Furikake Puffs are totally snackable, and a great intro to Hawai‘i flavors for the uninitiated and possibly squeamish.

$4.50, La Tour Bakehouse, 888 N. Nimitz Highway, latourbakehouse.com


4. Aloha Superette wet pouch

Wet pouch
Photo: Courtesy of Aloha Superette

The tourist circuit bop from brunch to beach to Ala Moana Center means wet suits on the horizon. Wet pouches to keep those salty clothes contained will be totally useful for Island jaunts.

$32, Aloha Superette, 438 Uluniu St., Kailua, alohasuperette.com


5. Wimini Canvas Tote 

Canvas tote
Photo: Courtesy of Wimini

Canvas totes always come in handy, but this Wimini number’s cutie-patootie surfer illustration sets it apart.

$20, wiminihawaii.com


6. Anthropologie Sunglasses

Photo: Courtesy of Anthropologie

Toss in a pair of sunnies for your buds to look suave while trolling the beaches. Almost anything will do, from cheap and funky selections just for the weekend, to pineapple-shaped novelty options, to these sunny, tropics-worthy stunners.

$38, anthropologie.com