6 Artists Share Their Inspiration for Foodland’s 75th Anniversary Art Collection

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For its milestone 75th anniversary, local brand Foodland wanted to keep the celebration fun, fresh and—most of all—local. Ten Island artists were invited to use its motto, “Food, Family, Friends & Aloha,” as inspiration to create a limited-edition collection of prints for your living space, all found exclusively at Foodland locations and online at foodland.com.


From bright and bold to minimalistic two-tone, Foodland’s 75th anniversary art collection features an incredible mix of styles that add an extra oomph to your home or office. Read on to see how six incredible Hawai‘i artists channeled their favorite things about Foodland to create these gorgeous works of art.


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Foodland 75th Anniversary Shar Tuiasoa Punky Aloha


“Foodland feels like an old friend, and a familiar place where we go to buy our goods and run into the people from our neighborhood. I wanted my illustration to feel as familiar as a walk to the grocery store, where we pass by the same trees, mountains and spaces we have all grown up with and love.” ­—Shar Tui‘asoa, @punkyaloha


Foodland 75th Anniversary Kahala Pineapple


“When thinking about all of the times I’ve gone to Foodland, one thing stood out in my mind: the Hawai‘i potluck. Whether it was hanging out at the beach, a holiday party or a sports game, going to Foodland always reminded me of good times. Pineapples are delicious and also happen to be a very notable Hawai‘i motif, so, playing off that, I included little scenes of different types of foods and events that have brought me joy in my life and that I can only experience here in Hawai‘i.” —April, Kahala art team, @kahala


Foodland 75th Anniversary John Hook


“I just wanted to show my version of Hawai‘i … I really love film photography because it forces me to slow down and really look at every photo I wanna take before I actually capture it. Creating the collage for Foodland was fun because I was able to show multiple aspects of friendly local living through small moments throughout my daily life. Basically, just showing that Hawai‘i is full of aloha and beauty every moment of every day—if you just look for it.” —John Hook, @john_hook


Foodland 75th Anniversary Jana Lam


“The first thing that came to my mind when I thought of family, friends and aloha was the shaka. I think the shaka totally encompasses the spirit of Foodland, so I made it the centerpiece and built on it from there with organic elements. My favorite part of the artwork, though, is the kakimochi—I mean, because you can’t have a piece about Foodland without food! And I also kept thinking that FUN was one of the words, and kakimochi is so fun!” —Jana Lam, @janalam


Foodland 75th Anniversary Kelsey Ige Potluck


“Potlucks, whether big or small, are all about food, family, friends and aloha. And it is one of my most favorite times to celebrate being together and sharing aloha among participants. The way we do potlucks in Hawai‘i is unique in comparison to other places in the country. I included foods that are potluck staples here: rice, sushi, lumpia, poi, poke, pineapple, kalbi, fried noodles and haupia. Foodland is one of the essential places to get everything you need for potlucks!” —Kelsey Ige, @alohawares


Foodland 75th Anniversary Jeff Gress


“Foodland has always brought fond memories of being in Hawai‘i for me. Going in as a kid and getting local snacks and poke before the beach was my favorite. I wanted to integrate this feeling of nostalgia and deliver it with the same big ALOHA that Foodland represents to me and for the islands of Hawai‘i.” —Jeff Gress, @pro_gress


For more information on Foodland’s 75th anniversary festivities, visit foodland.com. Don’t forget to follow @FoodlandHI on Instagram and @FoodlandHawaii on Facebook to stay up to date with all the exciting news and events.