5 Statement-Making Local Flowers for Your Summer Wedding

Plus, styling tips for how to make ’em really pop.

We’re all for going local, any day of the week. Shopping close to home means we’re supporting our local community ‘ohana. And, it’s often doing the environment a big one (less distance means less transportation and less of those fossil fuels required to schlep your fave goods all the way to you). Win-win, right?


That stands for the day you tie the knot as well. There are a ton of uber-talented artisans right here in Honolulu who can make your big day as memorable as can be, from Hawai‘i-based chefs and bakers to badass Island seamstresses and jewelry designers. One of our favorite local makers? Mother Nature herself. With a veritable paradise of exotic flora right at our doorsteps, you need look no farther than these very shores for the blooms that will set your day off with a bang.


Take it from Tamara Rigney, author of ‘Ohi: How to Gather and Arrange Hawai‘i’s Flora, and the Island-minded artist behind floral studio ‘Okika. Rigney likes to keep her arrangements loose and organic, selecting local specimens as much as possible, with a special emphasis on small family farms. Whether you’re D.I.Y.ing your décor, or directing a pro, get inspired with her statement-making flower picks and styling tips for summer weddings, from blooming bouquets to exotic table arrangements. These elegant favorites have distinct Hawai‘i flavor and, with the right touch, will make your special, sustainably minded day really sing.


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Beehive ginger
Photo: Justine Grajski

“The honey color is my favorite and pairs beautifully with deep reds and pinks. These are grown on all Islands, and can be found at the farmers markets and Paiko.”


These eye-catching, kaleidoscopic killers give some real geometric visual interest to any arrangement. Try using this dramatic ginger as a central piece in a tidy, punchy bouquet, with soft accents, for a small piece that makes a big statement.



Photo: Gabriella Katalin

“Not just for fragrant lei, stalks of tuberose can be beautiful in bouquets. Grown on all islands, use a few for texture and fragrance in a green-and-white bouquet. Avoid pairing with deep colors as they will wash each other out.”


There’s a local blossom for understated brides, too! If you’re more about muted tones, and less into the va-va-voom of vivid tropical tints, look to tuberose. Try it in an elegantly draping bouquet (so on-trend right now) for lusciously scented, ladylike appeal.




“A modern arrangement with a few bismarckia palm fronds is an easy way to elevate these farmers market staples. With bold tropicals, simple is often best.”


Let these big talkers speak for themselves. Try them out as a centerpiece on your check-in table to set a fun, equatorial tone for guests the moment they walk in.



Torch ginger
Photo: Prima Photographic

“Available in red, pink and white, torch ginger has become my favorite focal flower for summer bouquets. The flowers only last a few days, so try to get them cut right before arranging.”


Fiery shades, gorgeous layers and textures, and a fierce-meets-feminine feel make these a real winner for your edgy Island wedding. Tote this along in your bouquet for some seriously alluring accessorizing.



Photo: Amy Showalter

“This common roadside vine is an affordable way to add tons of color and texture to a wedding arch. The only caveats are the flowers’ short life and intimidating thorns. Cut your bougainvillea the morning of the wedding, hydrate in a deep bucket of water, create your archway as late in the day as possible, and you should be good to go!”


We love the idea of putting these boho-beautiful, garden-variety blooms to good use on your big day. The super-saturated shades and tissue-paper-light textures are the perfect accoutrements for your unconventional, lush, tropical arch.