5 Frozen Take-and-Bake Treats From Local and National Bakeries That You Knead to Know

Take home frozen buttery croissants, flaky Apple Napples, sweet mochi and sneaky-doodle cookies that you can bake yourself. It’s easy as pie.
Whole food take and bake section
Photo: Katie Kenny


Let’s be real, sometimes baking is a b*tch. What the hell is levain and how many types of flours are there now? Plus, when you’re pau, there’s a hot mess of dishes that need your attention. Why can’t all recipes just call for one cup and one tablespoon of everything?!


However, the comforting aroma of buttery, cinnamon-y rolls baking in your kitchen is oh-so good. Like Christmas morning good. Then there’s that weak-at-the-knees moment when you bite into something that is warm, sinful and rich, and all your worries (of doing the dishes) melt away.


So, what if you could surpass the initial steps and go straight to gooey glory? Well, thanks to a handful of bakeries and grocery shops, you can. Check out the list of places that offer frozen take-and-bakes that are timesaving heroes. Oh, and the delightful scent of something baking will still be there, minus the sweat, stress and mess. And that is sweet success.


Butcher and Bird

324 Coral St.

frozen baked treats
Photos: Courtesy of Butcher and Bird


Frozen Finds: Double chocolate chip peanut butter, snickerdoodles (and sneaky-doodles, which are snickerdoodles with a surprise inside), and white chocolate chip and candied ginger cookie doughs, 10 cookies for $12.



Sweet Revenge

979 Robello Lane

frozen baked goods
Photos: Courtesy of Sweet Revenge


Frozen Finds: Chicken pot pies, $10; seasonal fruit pies, $9 to $10; and mochi (that can be thawed out).




All locations


Frozen Finds: Apple Napples, four for $10.45; apple pie, $10.75.

Order online from zippys.com


Whole Foods Market

All locations

whole foods
Photos: Katie Kenny


Frozen Finds: Large chocolate croissants, four for $7; mini butter and chocolate croissants, 12 for $7; oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, double chocolate chip cookie doughs, six for $4.99. *Please inquire about frozen treats at bakery counter.



Costco Wholesale

All locations

Frozen Finds: Croissants, nine dozen for $33. *Please inquire about croissants at bakery counter.