5 Fab Finds for Your Friends and Fam at South Shore Market

Looking for something cool, quirky or quaint? Read quickly, ’cause these popular picks sell out as fast as an H&M collaboration.

This month I have a few people to buy birthday gifts for. As a fashion editor, people always expect me to not only wear the latest and greatest styles, but to give the hippest and hottest gifts. It’s not easy. But, when I do find that perfect present, it’s like finding the last pair of Opening Ceremony metallic sandals on double markdown at Nordstrom Rack. Cue DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win” (win win no matter what). 


Last weekend, I stopped by South Shore Market and found some fun gems that made me smile big and do my happy dance. Hopefully they’ll make the recipients do the same. 


1. For the kid with Gen X parents: RAP ABC book by Andrew Morgan, Big Bad Wolf Kids.

Alphabet book
Photos: David Croxford

Maybe it’s because I grew up in the ’80s, but this book is supa dupa fly! All the alphabets are made up of OG rappers, including Coolio, Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Missy Elliot.

$27.50, bigbadwolfkids.com


2. For the Hawai‘i Kai H20 man: Sandy’s tee, Twin Islands.

Sandy's tee
Owner Mike Miller throwing a shaka in the Sandy’s tee.

Sandy’s is the beach most Hawai‘i Kai-ans love, including my family and friends. However, if your ’hood is somewhere else, Twin Islands also makes alternative beach tees with location coordinates.

$32, (808) 591-8411. 


3. For the foodie with a sense of humor: Kenny Chen ceramic bowl, Mori by Art + Flea.

Ono food bowl

I saw this and fell in love. The charming saying describes my mom’s food perfectly! And, if your kids ask what AF stands for, just say Art + Flea.

$20, (808) 593-8958.


4. For the fashion freak: Zora Oberhänsli’s shopping tote, Fishcake.

Shopping tote

Fashion designer Zora Oberhänsli is the crochet queen. Her exceptional technique and masterful skills were applauded by Vogue Italia, and her collection Les Ambrazurs was shown at the Swiss Design Awards in Basel.

$65, (808) 591-8411.


5. For the future planner: 2018 calendar planners, Eden in Love.

2018 planners

Scheduling everything in my life scares me, a lot. It’s my Mount Everest. But, to those around me, an organized life moves mountains. Planners are their bibles and these are as cute as they get.

$39 each, (808) 591-1005.


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