4 Ways to Involve the Guys in Wedding Planning

Because it takes two to tango.
Photo by Jenna Leigh Photography


I think we can all agree that the boring, not-so-fun tasks of wedding planning (budgets, schlepping stuff to the venue, following up with vendors) are burdens to be shared, much like cleaning the bathroom, feeding the dog and taking out the trash.


The fun stuff, though? Not to point any cliché fingers, but, hey, ladies: Team Bride is notorious for taking over those decisions, from the style of silverware to the brand of Champagne. Whether that’s because you’re dealing with an apathetic groom or you just don’t trust anyone else with the details of your big day, we’re here to say: Let loose. Giving up the reins and getting your mister excited about planning this and that could make for a day that speaks to both of your styles—and that’s the one theme that really matters, right?


We’re not saying you need to suddenly check out and make him your coordinator’s No. 1 contact. Chances are he’s still not going to be stoked on selecting chair sashes or china patterns, but we’ve got a couple of party planning areas that we think he could really get excited about.


His and Hers Stations

This could go for menu selections (maybe your favorite dishes, or family favorites passed down from each of your grandmothers), favors (mini liquor bottles with spicy-cinnamon-infused bourbon for him, blackberry-thyme-infused vodka for her), desserts (candy bars for her, brownies for him) or activities (cigar and whiskey station for him, flower crowns for her). It’s a cute and totally functional way of showing off the bride and groom’s personalities to guests who may not know you both closely, and he can really get into picking the perfect favor he wants to send guests home with, or food he himself would like to snack on. 


The Bar

Tickle his booze fancy by letting him take over the bar. For many guests (for better or for worse) the drinks play a huge part in their experience, making this a perfect opportunity for your groom to leave his mark. Maybe he has strong opinions about the best brand of whiskey out there, or wants to share his favorite Old Fashioned go-to from nights on the town. He could even get really creative and create a unique signature cocktail for the evening, complete with months of R&D, and a cheeky name on-theme with the momentous occasion. Skipping hards and going for beer and wine? Let your guy select the beers on offer, and task him with the price-comparing and taste-testing leading up to the big day. He can also enlist his groomsmen for help, of course, which will especially come in handy when it comes time to pick up and transport all those kegs.




Some brides may have a hard time ceding control of anything that will make its way into the photos, but we’ve seen some darn heartwarming dudes’ duds that really let your guy’s fun personality shine. (He’s the one who’ll be wearing them, after all!) Funky ties, for instance, or matching socks in silly prints for groomsmen will add just a touch of flavor to their subdued tuxes. Or maybe he’s got a retro bent and would prefer slim-cut suits in fun throwback styles, like earthy burgundy or corduroy. Want to keep it more discreet? Superhero-loving dudes have been creating some cute-as-hell photo ops by donning Superman, Batman, Spider-Man (you get it) tees under their dress attire, then ripping open their shirts to display logos during the groomsmen shots. 



We don’t just mean the dance playlist, although we’re sure he’ll have some opinions on ways to get his friends and family grooving on the dance floor. We’re talking central-to-the-event songs, such as your couple entrance song into the reception, or even the song you walk down the aisle to. Is it his favorite John Mayer ballad? An epic score from his No. 1 action flick? Pro tip: Getting a string quartet to play will give almost any song a romantic vibe appropriate for a processional.