4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Fish Local

(Sponsored) Buying your ‘ahi, monchong and opah from Island vendors benefits you, the environment and Hawai‘i’s businesses.
4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Fish Local, Fresh Island Fish


It’s no secret: Hawai‘i loves to eat fish. But where does yours come from? Fresh Island Fish, presenting sponsor of Frolic Hawai‘i’s 2020 Poke Fest taking place on Saturday, Oct. 17, shares why buying your fish from a local source matters.


Local fish means fresher fish

Local fish is caught on a boat right here in Honolulu, goes to a local fish cutter, and then straight to your favorite local restaurant or market! You can’t beat that freshness when comparing it to fish flown in from the mainland or internationally, travelling at least 3000 miles to get to Hawaii and sometimes a couple days to get to you. The shorter the travel for fish means the fresher it is!


Eat with the seasons

Hawai‘i is home to one of the world’s best commercial fisheries with its variety of fresh seasonal fish. We all love the ‘ahi and mahi mahi, but have you tried opah, monchong, kajiki or shutome? Eating the freshest fish of the season means eating fish that is widely available, and at better prices. Trying to find a fish out of season means paying big bucks for it.


It’s environmentally responsible

Eating fish caught locally means it’s closer to home, and the better choice for the environment. There is less need of trucks, planes and other energy burns related to the shipping of fish to Hawai‘i.


Local supports local

Buying Local fish supports the local boat captains and crew, fish cutters, distributors and your favorite neighborhood restaurants and fish markets. Fishing has been a way of life for many generations here in the Islands, and that has allowed us to build a stronger community overall. Especially in times of need, the local commercial fishing industry has geared up during this time of need to help feed our neighbors.


Fresh Island Fish is Hawai‘i’s largest seafood distributor, with facilities located in O‘ahu, Maui, Kaua‘i and Hawai‘i Island, and specializes in providing customers with wild-caught Hawai‘i seafood selected by a team of expert buyers. Fresh Island Fish is dedicated to providing customers with a wide selection of the highest quality seafood from the Pacific and around the world.